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1950 1951 1952


  • Last year of the U.S. Occupation of Japan.
  • Robert A. Heinlein publishes The Puppet Masters.
  • Tuvan Soviet puppet ruler Solchak Tolka wins the Stalin Prize for Literature for his Three Years as a Cell Secretary.
  • China's population is 563 million.


  • January 4: North Korean/Chinese forces recapture Seoul. Seoul is re-recaptured once again on March 18.
  • January 10: Sinclair Lewis dies.
  • February 20: Future British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is born in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • February 23: Japanese Communist Party holds Fourth National Convention and decides to foment an armed rebellion using homemade weapons.
  • February 26: The 22nd Amendment is added to the Constitution.
  • February 26: Harvey Leroy "Lee" Atwater is born.
  • March 29: Photogapher Huynh Cong Út, a.k.a. Nick Ut is born.
  • April 11: President Harry Truman fires Gen. Douglas MacArthur.
  • August 13: Expiration of the five year time limit for 176 Native American tribes to file claims before the Indian Claims Commission.
  • August 20: Science fiction author Greg bear is born.
  • September 8: San Francisco Peace Treaty formally ending the Second World War in the Pacific is signed at the San Francisco Opera House. Five hours later the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty os also signed. Shortly afterward 51% of polled respondents in Japan say that they aprrove of the government of Prime Minister Yoshida. His popularity soon declines.
  • September 29: MEP Pier Luigi Bersani is born in Bettola, Piacenza, Italy.
  • December 15: Maurice Papon is appointed secretary-general of the Paris police prefecture.
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