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1949 1950 1951



  • Club Med founded by Gerard Blitz.
  • First article about LSD published in American Psychiatric Journal.
  • China's population is 551.96 million.



  • January 31: Dr. Robert S. Stone (UC San Francisco) publishes a 9 page scientific paper that argued that radiation testing on humans was necessary and ethical to determine the biological effects of exposure: "Irradiation of human subjects as a medical experiment." Department of Defense, NEPA Medical Advisory Committee. ACHRE no. NARA 070794-A.


  • February 7: United States recognizes the French controlled government of Emperor Bao Dai as the government of Vietnam. The Soviet Union and People's republic of China had already recognized Ho Chi Minh's Democratic Republic of Vietnam in January.
  • February 9: In n a speech to the Republican Women's Club at the McClure Hotel in Wheeling, West Virginia, Republican U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the United States Department of State of being filled with 205 Communists and claims to have a list of 57 names.
  • February 16: France requests U.S. aid for its anti-communist colonial war in Indochina.


  • March 1: Klaus Fuchs is convicted of espionage for Soviet Union.


  • April: Chinese Ministry of Health issues regulations severely limiting access to contraception, abortion and sterilization by female communist party and military cadres.
  • April: National Security Council (NSC) 68 reiterates objective in National Security Council (NSC) 20/4 of eliminating the Soviet Union as rival to U.S. global hegemony.
  • April 27: Britain formally recognizes Israel.


  • May: Chinese Ministry of Health issues regulations severely limiting access to contraception, abortion and sterilization by women in China. Abortion is outlawed. No woman could receive sterilization unless she was 35 or older, had 6 or more children, and one of her children was aged 10 or older.
  • May 9: United States agrees to seb=nd economic and military aide to support the French anti-communist colonial war in Indochina, beginning with a grant of $10 million.
  • May 9: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard publishes "Dianetics," which becomes a bestseller.
  • May 10: The Washington Post' carries front page article reporting that 2 former Communist Party members, Paul and Sylvia Crouch testifiued that J. Robert Openheimer had once hosted a Communist Party meeting in his home in Berkeley, California.
  • May 30: Jimmin Kekki Taikai or Popular Action Rally in Tokyo at the Imperial Palace Plaza.



  • July: Former Iron Guardist Viorel Trifa arrives in New York as a displaced person and then moves to Cleveland, Ohio.
  • July 6: Germany shrinks and all of Poland transfers west as the German Democratic Republic agrees to accept the Oder-Niesse boundary with Poland.


  • September 15: United Nations (American) military forces are victorious in an amphibious assault at Inchon. Seoul is liberated on October 7. Under General Douglas MacArthur, U.N forces push far north, antagonizing the Chinese government.


  • November 25: The People's Republic of China enters the Korean War by sending an army of volunteers to fight with the North Korean Army.


  • December 13: Tom Vilsack is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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