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1944 1945 1946



  • Future London Mayor Ken Livingstone is born in Lambeth.
  • Jacques Doriot dies.
  • Wake Island Rail becomes extinct.
  • Tahitians are granted French citizenship.
  • Henri Charriere escapes from French Guyana from the last time and makes a new life as a citizen of Venezuela.



  • January 1: Last known German infiltration of spies into the United States during World War II as 2 are landed from U-boats in Maine.
  • January 13: Victor Sorge espionage ring member Branko de Voukelitch dies in a frigid prison in Hokkaido.


  • February 6: Bob Marley is born. Positive Vibration.
  • February 7: Conservative British MP Reginald Purbrick stands in the House of Commons to demand to know why Dresden, Feiburg and Würzburg had not yet been bombed?
  • February 14: FDR and King Ibn Saud meet aboard the U.S.S. Quincy, anchored in the southern portal to the Suez Canal. Ibn Saud brings bedouin guards, household slaves and the royal astrologer.


  • March 1: John F. Kennedy is honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy with the full rank of lieutenant.
  • March 3: Lessing House in Brunswick is destroyed in an Allied air raid.
  • March 16: RAF Bomber Group No. 5 bombs lovely and previosuly untouched Würzburg with 256 high explosve bombs and 397,650 incendiary sticks, destroying 90% of the city in 17 minutes. The death toll is approximately 5000, with mnay dying of asphixiation as they huddled in cellars.
  • March 22: Victor Sorge espionage ring member Mizuno Shigeru dies in prison.


  • April 4-20: Texel Mutiny.
  • April 12: President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies; Harry Truman becomes President.
  • April 13: Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson delivers speech to American Society of International Law in Washington, DC. Demands an actual tribunal for Nazi Germany's leaders.
  • April 28: Benito Mussolini is executed.
  • April 30: Adolf Hitler commits suicide as Berlin falls to the Soviet Army.


  • May 7: Germany surrenders. War in Europe ends.




  • August 2: Potsdam Conference ends.
  • August 6: The first wartime use of an atomic weapon destroys Hiroshima. Three days later, the United States drops a plutonium bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.
  • August 8: Soviet Union declares war against Imperial Japan.
  • Augsut 14: Japanese Emperor Hirohito announces Japan's capitulation.
  • August 15: Japan surrenders. World War II ends with an official treaty signing on September 2.
  • August 17: Soviet Red Army invades Japanese Sakhalin, executes the mayor and police chief of Esutoro (Uglegorsk) and 170 civilians commit hara-kiri.
  • August 22: Soviet submarine torpedoes Japanese refugee ship off Hokkaido, kiling 1,700 civilians.
  • August 23: last day of Soviet aerial bombardment of refugee packed Toyohara railway station.


  • September 1: Harry S. Truman gives a brief speech: "Announcing the Surrender of Japan (September 1, 1945). Describes the evil done by the Japanese as the responsibility of "the Japanese war lords." Best quote: "This is a victory of more than arms alone. This is a victory of liberty over tyranny."
  • September 2: Ho Chi Minh proclaims the independence of Vietnam.
  • September 4: British and Dutch decide that the principles of the Civil Affairs Agreement for Sumatra will apply to the entirety of the East Indies aoccupied by the British.
  • September 30: Future Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is born.


  • October 8: Sugamo Prison in Tokyo is liberated. Imprisoned Victor Sorge espionage ring member Max Gottfried Freidrich Clausen is freed. He and his Anna later settled and live out their years in East Germany.
  • October 15: Former French Prime Minister Pierre Laval is executed as a traitor.
  • October 24: The United Nations is founded in San Francisco.
  • October 30: Brigadier Mallaby assassinated in Surabaya.
  • October 30-31: Radio Surabaya broadcast messages telling Indonesians to stop fighting and accept the British miltiary occupation government.


  • November: Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo and Yasuda zaibatsu voluntarily disband.
  • November 10: British move the 5th Indian Division into Surabaya to reinforce the 49th Indian Infantry Brigade.
  • November 11: Imprisoned former German Lutwafe chief Hermann Goring states: "The victors are the judges...I know what's in store for me."


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