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1943 1944 1945


  • Republican Wendell Wilkie withdraws from the race for the presidency after coming in fourth in the Wisconsin Republican Party Primary. His advisors warned him not to enter that primary but he ignored them.
  • Liberal Party of Australia established.
  • Fritz Land releases Ministry of Fear
  • Oswald T. Avery, Maclyn McCarty and Colin MacLeod identify DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) as the agenct for genetic transformation in bacteria.
  • Argentine Lazlo Biro invents the ballpoint pen.
  • General Electric chemists accidently invent "Silly Putty," marketed in 1949.
  • German economist Rudolf Hilferding is killed by the Nazis. So too is German Social Democrat and former Minister of the Interior Rudolf Breitscheid.
  • William Casey is assigned to the OSS in London. Malcolm Muggeridge writes: "Ah, those first OSS arrivals in London. How well I remember them, arriving like jeunes filles en fleur straight from a finishing school, all fresh and innocent, to start work in our frowsy old intelligence brothel."


  • January 22: U.S. Pres. FDR establishes the War Refugee Board.
  • January 24: Angela Davis is born.
  • January 30-February 8: Brazzaville Conference
  • February 3: ARAMCO announces it will build an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.
  • March 19: Maronite Christian Sirhan Sirhan is born in Jerusalem.
  • March 24: Pres. Roosevelt warns Fascist gov't of Hungary to refrain from anti-Jewish measures.
  • April 16: Fascist gov't of Hungary begins registering Jews and confiscating their property.
  • May 16: The first of 180,000 Hungarian Jews arrive at Auschwitz.
  • May 31: Japanese Imperial Army invasion of british colonial India from British colonial Burma ends only 70 kilometers into Nagaland.
  • June 6: D-Day: American, British, Canadian and French forces land on the beaches of Normandy.
  • June 11: John F. Kennedy is awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and Purple Heart for his actions while in command of PT-109.
  • July 24: American forces land at Tinian, future bomber base for strategic bombing of civilian population centers on Japanese home islands; napalm is used for the first time in the assault on the island.
  • August 5: Cowra Camp POW revolt in New South Wales, Australia.
  • August 12: Joe Kennedy Jr., is killed when his Army Air Corps plane explodes shortly after take-off.
  • August 16: "Little Khural" rump parliament of the Tuvan people's Republic, offers Tuva's sovereignty to the Soviet Union. Two months later the country becomes the Tuvan Autonomous Region of the USSR.
  • August 17: Jörg Friedrich is born in Kitzbühel.
  • August 25: Paris is liberated. De gaulle gives a speech from Hotel de Ville in which he claims a full share in the defeat of Germany for France.
  • August 30: Provisional Government of France is moved from Algiers to Paris.
  • August 31: Soviet Red Army liberates Bucharest.
  • September 2: Future U.S. President and father of future U.S. President, Navt pilot George Herbert Walker Bush is shot down by anti-aircraft fire over Chichi Jimi in a Grumman TBF Avenger. His two subordinates Jack Delaney and Ted White do not survive. Was he too hasty in bailing out? Did he jump prematurely, pull his rip chord and smack his elite noggin on the horizontal stabilizer?
  • September 9: Charles De Gaulle organizes a government of national unanimity including metropolitan French Resistance leaders, two of whom are Communists.
  • September 9: Hitler's democratic ally Finland and the Soviet Union sign peace agreement: 1940 borders reestablished, Finns expel German troops, ban fascist political parties, legalize Finnish Communist Party, restrict size of Finnish armed forces and to agree to hold war crimes trials.
  • September 22: Rep. John S. Tanner is born.
  • October 11: Kolozsvar falls to the Soviet Red Army.
  • October 15: Hungarian collaborator Frenc Szalasi names Gen. Andras Zako as Chief of Hungarian military intelligence, with responsibility for organizing the Kopjas (pike-men), the intelligence and terror network left behind to harasss the occupying Soviet Red Army.
  • October 16: National Alliance fo Hungarian Workers (NAHW) convenes meeting in southern Transylvania toen of Brasso.
  • November 21: Sen. Dick Durbin is born in East St. Louis, IL.
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