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1942 1943 1944



  • Conservative British Prime Minister Winston Churchill allows 1.4 million Bengalis to die of starvation in the Great Bengal Famine of 1943. Refuses to allow shipments of relief grain from the U.S. and Canada.
  • Tehran meeting between FDR, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin.
  • Laysan Rail becomes extinct.



  • January 2: American and ANZAC forces capture Buna in New Guinea.
  • January 5: Japanese forces begin planned withdrawal from Guadalcanal.
  • January 8: British government transfers control over Madagascar to the Free French. From one imperialist power to another.
  • January 11: Anti-fascist and socialist editor of Il Martelo, Carlo Tresca, asassinated in New York. Mafiosi Vito Genovese suspected.
  • January 28: The WRA begins processing loyalty questionaires. U.S. Army officially activates 442nd Regimental Combat Team, composed of the 100th Battalion from Hawaii and Japanese American volunteers from the mainland internment camps. Nearly 10,000 Hawaiian Nisei volunteer for military service but only 1,100 of the mainland prisoners volunteer.


  • February 2: Battle of Stalingrad ends, and Axis forces are eradicated. Perhaps the bloodiest battle in human history, casualties are estimated at between 1 and 2 million.
  • February 3: Attorney General Francis Biddle establsihes prohibited zones forbidden to enemy aliens: German, Italian, and Japanese aliens ordered to leave San Francisco waterfront areas.
  • February 8: Indian nationalist leaders Subhas Chandra Bose and Abid Hasan leave Kiel, Germany aboard the German submarine U-180.
  • February 16: FDR declares that the defense of Saudi Arabia is vital to the interests of the U.S.


  • April 19: "Bicycle Day" or the day that Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman realized he had discovered a powerful psychodelic in LSD.
  • April 26: Indian nationalist leaders Subhas Chandra Bose and Abid Hasan transfer from German submarine U-180 to Japanese submarine I-29 off the coast of Madagascar.


  • May 6: Indian nationalist leaders Subhas Chandra Bose and Abid Hasan arive in Sabang, Sumatra aboard the Japanese submarine I-29.
  • May 15: Heroic Warsaw Ghetto uprising defeated by Nazi SS units.
  • May 16: Operation Chastise: RAF bombs Moehne Dam, releasing 160 million tons of water down the Moehne-Ruhr Valley and killing 1,300 civilians.
  • May 29: Winston Churchill, George Marshall and Dwight D. Eisenhower meet in Algiers.


  • June 8: Future mass murderer William Calley is born in Miami, Florida.
  • June 23: Krefeld is bombed, killing 1,450, buurning 25,000 homes and leaving 87,000 homeless.
  • June 28: Future Democratic Representative from Arizona Ed Pastor is born in small mining community of Claypool in Gila County, Arizona.


  • July 2: Subhas Chandra Bose arrives in Singapore.
  • July 3: Subhas Chandra Bose takes over command of the Indian National Army.
  • July 13: Battle of Kursk ends.
  • July 25: Fascist Duce Benito Mussolini is overthrown in a coup by monarchists and the Italian Army. King Victor Emmanuel III requests Mussolini's resognation, replaces him with Field Marshall Peitro Badogolio, and then orders Mussolini arrested. July 25 begins what Italians call the "forty-five days," a period of confusion and uncertainty as Italy switches alliances from the Axis to the United Nations.
  • July 26: Hitler issues order that Italian units in the Dodecanese were to be placed under German command.
  • July 26: 20 million Italian Fascist Party members suddenly disappear and are replaced by people who want to forget they held party cards.
  • July 31: WRA designates Tule Lake as a "segregation camp" for the internment of Japanese.


  • August 1: German High Command implements plan Achse (Axis) to occupy Italy and disarm the Italian Army.
  • August 2: Victor Sorge espionage ring member Miyagi Yotoku dies in prison. After the war his remains are moved to Mexico for burial.
  • August 3: While on active duty in Blackett Strait, North Solomon Islands in the Pacific, PT-109 is sunk by the Japanese. John F. Kennedy performed heroically in rescuing his crew.
  • August 11: Future Pakistani military dicator Pervez Musharraf is born in Delhi, in British colonial India.
  • August 11-24: Quebec Conference between FDR and Winston Churchill.
  • August 15: U.S. forces land on Kiska in the Aleutians.
  • August 15: Eni F.H. Faleomavaega is born.


  • September 8: Italy surrenders, but much of northern and central Italy remains occupied by German military.
  • September 22: German units take islands of Cephalonia under orders not to take any Italian prisoners: 1,300 Italians die in combat and another 5000 prisoners were executed.


  • October 5: Future Democratic Maryland U.S. Representative and Senator Ben Cardin is born in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • October 9: U.S. Eight Air Force bombs Anklam.
  • October 21: "Azad Hind" or "Free India" government established in Singapore.
  • October 24: Anti-Nazi clandestine radio Soldatsender begins transmitting in Calais.


  • November 8, 1943: Adolph Hitler gives his last public speech, to the Nazi party veterans.
  • November 18: Raid by 444 British bombers on Berlin.
  • November 22: U.S. landing in the Gilbert Islands.
  • November 23: Civil Rights martyr Andrew Goodman is born.


  • December 11: Massachusetts Senator and 2004 Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry is born in Denver, Colorado.
  • December 13: 1,462 U.S. Eight Air Force bombers attack Bremen, Hamburg and Kiel.
  • December 17: U.S. Navy attacks Japanese military forces on New Britain in New Guinea.
  • December 22: Paul Wolfowitz is born in Brooklyn, New York. This future neo-conservative political appointee/academic will go on to help construct the second Bush administration's failed War in Iraq and embarrass the administration as World Bank President.
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