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1936 1937 1938


  • George Orwell becomes one of many international volunteers helping the Spainish Republicans fight the fascists in the Spanish Civil War. His experiences in the Trotskyist POUM militia are later published in Homage to Catalonia.
  • Conservative advocate for appeasement and anti-semite Joseph Kennedy, Sr. is named U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain.
  • Marx brothers' film A Day At The Races is released.
  • Xie Bokang publishes Renshi xingzheng dagang, or An Account of Personnel Adminsitration.
  • Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King meets Adolf Hitler.
  • Marijuana Tax Act passed in the United States.
  • William Casey graduates St. John's University Law School. Will later support Nicaraguan Contra terrorism as Ronald Reagan's CIA Director.
  • Assassination attempt on Italian Viceroy Rodolfo Graziani in Addis Ababa. Italian colonial authorities respond with a massacre of Ethiopians.
  • Italy withdraws from the League of Nations.
  • Joesph Stalin orders execution of Abraham R. Gotz, former Social-Revolutionary terrorist and Kerensky supporter
  • German communist Willi Munsenberg breaks with Stalin over the Moscow Trials.
  • Buryat communist puppet leader Elbekdorji Rinchino is executed in Moscow with colleagues. Buryat communist puppet leader Tsyben Zhamtsarano is arrested.
  • Sakha folklorist Platon Sleptsov-Oyunsky dies in a Moscow prison.
  • Lev N. Karakhan dies.
  • Chen Changheng dies.


  • January 27: German Chancellor Adolph Hitler demands return of German colonies in Africa and Asia.
  • February 16: Dupont patents nylon.
  • April 27: The Basque town of Guernica (population 7,000) is bombed by German Ju-52s flown by the German volunteers of the Condor Legion, an attack in support the right-wing rebellion of Spanish General Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War. The town was 70% destroyed.
  • April 28: Saddam Hussein born near Tikrit, Iraq.
  • May 1: U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs act of neutrality to keep U.S. out of the upcoming war.
  • May 8: Thomas Pynchon is born.
  • May 13: Roger Zelazny is born.
  • Mar 29: Billy Carter is born in Plains, Georgia.
  • June 18: John D. Rockefeller IV is born.
  • June 27: Joe Louis, the "Brown Bomber," knocks out James J. Braddock to become heavy weight champion of the world.
  • December 11: Italy withdraws from the League of Nations.
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