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1934 1935 1936


  • Italian Army invades Ethiopia.
  • Trans-Pacific air flights between the United States and the Philippines.
  • National Labor relations Act (Wagner Act) passed by U.S. Congress. Provides legal structure for labot unions.
  • Marx brothers' film A Night At the Opera is released by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.
  • Ken Kesey is born in La Junta, Colorado.


  • March: Nazi Germany re-introduces military conscription.
  • March 16: German Reich Office for Foreign Exchange Control orders Germans returening to Germany to sell their liquid assets to the German National Bank (Reichsbank) within ten days, one-half of the amount at the current rate of exchange and one-half at the pre-depreciated dollar rate of exchange. The difference is paid from the blocked bank accounts of emirgating German Jews, who are also hit with a "flight tax" of 25% of their assets.
  • April 3: Joven Cuba guerrillas kidnap Eutimio Falla Bonet in "Operation Falla."
  • April 10: French government of Prime Minister Pierre Laval issues the Rollin Decree banning publication that incites anti-colonial resistance to laws, regulations or official authority in French colonies other than Algeria, Martinique, Guadeloupe or Reunion.
  • May 25: Benito Mussolini delivers speech indicating that the only problem he has with Germany was Austrian independence. German re-armament is not mentioned.
  • July 13: Republican politican Jack Kemp is born in Los Angeles.
  • August 29: Future ANC activist Dulcie Evonne September is born.
  • September 15: Nuremburg Laws in Germany re-impose legal segregation of Jews which had been eliminated in 1912.
  • October 3: Italy invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Sanctions against Italy are voted by the League of Nations the following week.
  • November 13: Demonstrations/riots by the Wafd Party in Egypt. Unrest continues through December.
  • December 12: United Front of all Egyptian political parties organize, petitions British puppet King Fuadfor a restoration of the constitution.
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