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1933 1934 1935



  • U.S. Senator Huey P. Long unveils his Share Our Wealth plan.
  • Maginot Line is completed by France.
  • Kim Philby marries first wife Alice (Litzi) Friedman.



  • January 26: Poland and Germany sign Ten Year Pact of Non-aggression.


  • February 12-16: Austrian Civil War.


  • March 1: Japanese annexed Chinese Manchuria is renamed Manchukuo, an "independent" Japanese puppet state.
  • March 22: Future cranky Republican U.S. Senator from Utah Orrin Hatch is born.


  • April 18: The Burlington Zephyr dedicated.



  • June 8: Abraham Stavsky is convicted of the June 16, 1933 murder of Chaim Arlosoroff and sentenced to death.
  • June 23: Anti-war activist, journalist, academic and adoptive Parisian Diana Johnstone is born in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • June 28: Future U.S. Senator Carl Levin is born in Detroit.


  • July 1: Hays Office film censorship Production Code goes into effect.
  • July 8: Editor of HaYarden a Zionist Revisionist newsppaper is fined by British Mandaye for Palestine judges for publishing an article tending to prejudice the legal proceedings in the case of Abraham Stavsky.
  • July 20: Murder conviction and death sentence of Abraham Stavsky is reversed and quashed on appeal.
  • July 25: Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Makhno Нестор Іванович Махно dies in Paris.


  • August 8: Cuban secret police arrest Antonio Guitera Holmes.
  • August 15: Antonio Guitera Holmes is released.
  • August 15: U.S. Marines end their nineteen year long occupation of Haiti.
  • August 25: Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is born.
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