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1926 1927 1928


  • Opium Scandal of 1927.
  • First "dive bombing" air strike conducted by U.S. Marine Corps aircraft against pro-Sandino rebel unit in Ocotal, Nicaragua.
  • Conservative British Government of Stanley Baldwin passes Trade Disputes and Trade Union Act as a repisal for the miner's strike of 1926. The law all sympathetic strikes illegal, forbiding Civil Service unions to affiliate to the TUC, and making mass picketing illegal.
  • Fritz Lang releases Metropolis.
  • Hermann Hesse publishes Steppenwolf.
  • Soviet authorities release Abraham R. Gotz, former Social-Revolutionary terrorist and Kerensky supporter, from prison. Works in state bank. Stalin orders him shot in 1937.
  • U.S. Marines continue the nineteen year long occupation of Haiti, from 1915-1934.
  • Paradise Parakeet becomes extinct.
  • Italian Minsitry of Colonies declares that Italy is sovereign over northern Somalia.


  • January 1: Massachusetts becomes the first state to require auto insurance.
  • March 1: Pres. Coolidge appoints first Federal Board of Radio Control.
  • March 31: Future UFW leader César Chávez is born near Yuma, Arizona.
  • April 9: Mae West found guilty of obscenity in New York and sentenced to 10 days in jail for material and suggestive ad libs in her popular Broadway show Sex; Charges were brought because of complaints by The Society for the Suppression of Vice.
  • June 21: Carl Stokes, first black mayor of Cleveland, is born.
  • November 25: The Italian Fascist State becomes more repressive with the establishment of the Special Tribunal for the Defence of the State.
  • December 2: Ford offers the Model A.
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