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1923 1924 1925


  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin dies.
  • Joseph Stalin orders Soviet Central Asia organized as 5 seperate socialist republics around 5 titular nationalities: Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Turkmen and Uzbek. Makes as much sense as the Durand line drawn by the British.
  • U.S. Marines continue the nineteen year long occupation of Haiti, from 1915-1934.
  • Mongolia adopts a formal constitution.
  • Elections in Nicaragua result in conservative Carlos Sol√≥rzano being elected president and liberal Juan Bautista Sacasa being elected vice president.
  • University of Rome gives Benito Mussolini an honorary law degree. He writes a thesis paper entitled Introduction to Machiavelli anyway.
  • Conductor Arturo Toscanini refuses to play the Italian Fascist "anthem" Giovanezza at La Scala saying that the opera house was neither a "a beer garden nor Fascist propaganda territory." Fascists denounce him the same way that Republicans would one day denounce the Dixie Chicks.
  • Britain cedes Kismayu in Somalia to Italy.
  • Hugo Stines, German industrialist who financed German nationalist parties, dies.


  • February 28-March 31: U.S. military intervention in Honduras.
  • March 3, 1924: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk abolishes the Caliphate.
  • April 1: German judges decide not to deport Austrian fascist rabble-rouser Adolf Hitler because he he had fought in the German Army in the First World War and also because he "felt so German."
  • June: Balkan royalism reaches new low as the Albanian adventurer Zogu stages coup and declares himself to be King Zog.
  • June 10: Fascist goon squad led by Amerigo Dumimi kidnaps and beats to death the Italian Socialist MP Giacomo Matteotti in Rome.
  • June 17: George H. W. Bush is born.
  • June 30: Intellectual dissenter from Zionism Jacob Israel de Haan is assassinated by Haganah terrorist Avraham Silberg/Tehomi as he left Sha'arei Zedek Synagogue on Jaffa Street, in Jerusalem.
  • September 10-15: Another 1924 U.S. military intervention in Honduras.
  • September 11: U.S. Senator Daniel Kahikina Akaka is born in Honolulu.
  • October 7: Jimmy Carter is born.
  • October: Franklin Delano Roosevelt visits Warm Springs, GA in search of a cure for polio.
  • November 28: South African poet and revolutionary Dennis Brutus is born.
  • December 1: 227 Estonian communists seize government buildings in failed revolutionary insurredction. They are summarily executed after surrendering. Jan Tomp dies.
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