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1914 1915 1916


  • By the Autumn Offensive of 1915, France has suffered 50% of the casualties it would experience in the First World War.
  • Nelson Ambush is born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Spy mania sweeps Russia.
  • Rioting between Muslims and Buddhists sweep Ceylon (Sri Lanka).


  • March 18: Russian special field court-martial of Lt. Col. Sergei Nicholaevich Miasoedov in Warsaw on charges of espionage. Someone must be found guilty of spying to explain Russian miltiary incomptence against the Germans. Found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.
  • 3:03 a.m. March 19: Lt. Col. Sergei Nicholaevich Miasoedov is hanged. Later his wife, mistress, business partners and casual friends are arrested.
  • May 7: Cunard liner Lusitania is sunk off the coast of Ireland., with 1,201 dead. Horatio Bottomley, the super-patriotic editor of John Bull calls for popular vengence against all Germans, whether enemy aliens and naturalized citizens, in the UK. Being natural bullies, super-patriots usually target the weak. (Source: Colin Holmes. 1988. John Bull's Island: Immigration and British Society, 1871-1971. Macmillan Educational. ISBN 0333282094. Pp. 96-97.)
  • June 15: Espionage Act passed by administration of Democrat Woodrow Wilson; general repression of political dissent through mass censorship and mass arrests of anti-war and socialist activists. The light of democracy dims in America even as it fights a war that its leaders claim is for democracy.
  • June 24: Sir Frederick Hoyle is born in Gilstead, Yorkshire, England.
  • July 28: U.S. Marines begin nineteen year long occupation of Haiti.
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