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1901 1902 1903


  • Australia becomes the second country after New Zealand to grant women the right to vote in national elections.
  • Bailundu War in Portuguese colonial Angola.
  • Oil and gas discovered on Creek Nation land in Tulsa, Red Fork, and Sapulpa, Oklahoma.
  • First Korean laborers arrive in Hawaii.
  • Peter Kropotkin publishes Mutual Aid.


  • April: Viacheslav Konstantinovich Plevhe is appointed the Russian Minister of the Interior (responsible for the Okhrana).
  • April 2: Russian Empire imposes military conscription on the Finns. Total non-compliance across Finland.
  • April 15: Socialist Revolutionary Battle Organization militant Stepan Balmashev assassinates Russian Minister of Internal Affairs D.S. Sipiagin. Plot to assassinate Procurator of the Holy Synod Pobedonostev falls through.
  • April 16-23: U.S. military forces occupy Bocas del Toro, Columbia.
  • April 26: Stepan Balmashev is condemned to death.
  • May 3: Stepan Balmashev is hanged in Schusselburg fortress. Unsurprisingly, this exericise of state violence solves none of the problems of the Russian Empire.
  • June 2: British Lord Landsdowne sends memorandum to the German Imperial Government in Berlin assuring them that the Metropolitan Police Force of London was keeping a close watch on every movement of revolutionaries in the city.
  • July 9: The Oklahoma reservations of the Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, Caddo and Apache are opened to settlement by registration.
  • July 29: Failed attempt by Socialist Revolutionary Battle Organization militant Foma Kachura to assassinate Prince Obolenskii in Khar'kov.
  • November 17-16: U.S. military guards are placed on all trains crossing the Isthmus of Panama and stationed military untis to prevent laqndings by Columbian troops. World public opinion senses that the U.S. has little respect for the territorial soverteignty of its Latin American neighbors.
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