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1899 1900 1901


  • Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong born in Storeyville in New Orleans.
  • Hills Brothers Coffee in San Francisco markets first vacuum packed coffee.
  • Nine Sudanese men led by Ali Abd al-Kaim dforma religious society to recognise the time has coem for the appearance of the nab'i isa or 'Prophet Jesus.'
  • Peter Lavrov dies.
  • Protectorate of Northern Nigeria created.
  • Italy gains commerical concession in Tianjin, China.


  • May 24-September 28: U.S. military forces participate in multinational intervention in China against the Boxer (Society of Reighteous Fists) Rebellion.
  • July 29: Italian anarchist who had returned to Italy from Patterson, New Jersey and assassinates King Humbert. Victor Emmanuel III, son of the late monarch, becomes the new King. Victor Emmanuel III, unlike I and II, is a weak willed indovidual who prefers coin-collecting to collecting mistresses.
  • October 16: Anglo-German Agreement Over China.
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