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1890s 1898 1899


  • U.S. annexes Hawaii.
  • George Nathaniel Curzon (1st Marquess of...) is appointed Viceroy of the British Indian Empire.
  • Rosa Luxemburg becomes a naturalized German citizen with her marriage to Gustav Lübeck. She moves to Berlin.
  • Jacques Doriot is born.


  • January 13: Aurore publishes Emile Zola's essay "J'Accuse."
  • February 7: Emile Zola is brought to trial for libel for "J'Accuse."
  • February 7-8: U.S. Marines intervene to protect American lives and property in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.
  • February 15: The USS Maine explodes (cause probably accidental, but blamed on Spain), killing 260 and provoking the Spanish-American War. U.S. gains control of Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico plus virtual control of Cuba.
  • February 23: Emile Zola is imprisoned in France.
  • May 7: Italian General Bava-Beccaris orders troops to shoot into Milan protest rally, killed 80. Italian King Umberto I is assasinated two years after to avenge the atrocity.
  • May 16: Japanese Director Kenji Mizoguchi is born in Tokyo.
  • June 13: The Yukon joins Canada as a territory.
  • June 22: Erich Maria Remarque is born.
  • July 25: United States invasion of Puerto Rico begins with a landing at Guánica Bay.
  • September 2: Battle of Omdurman.
  • August 12: Stanford Dole signs away Hawaiian sovereignty to U.S. minister Harold Sewall.
  • October 18: German Kaiser Wilhelm II arrives in Constantinople.
  • November 5: U.S. military forces intervene in China to defend the American legation in Beijing.
  • December 10: Treaty ending Spanish-American War signed in Paris.
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