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1895 1896 1897


  • Idaho becomes the fourth American state to grant women the right to vote.
  • Theodor Herzl publishes Der Judenstaat.


  • February 28-March 1: Battle of Adowa.
  • May 2-4: U.S. Marines intervene to protect American interests in Corinto, Nicaragua.
  • July 3: U.S. Marine units in Seoul, Korea since 1894 are withdrawn.
  • July 16: Trygve Lie is born is Oslo.
  • March 1: Battle of Adwa, a.k.a. Battle of Adowa, a.k.a. Battle Adua: First defeat of a European army by an African army in modern history. Army of 80,000 Ethiopian soldiers defeat 6,000 Italians and 10,000 Askaris (native levies).
  • October 11: Chinese nationalist leader Sun Yat-sen is kidnapped in London by agents of the Qing (Manchu) Dynasty who imprison him in the Chinese Legation.
  • October 23: Sun Yat-sen is released from the Chinese Legation in London after British newspapers make his imprisonment a cause celebre and crowds gather outside to demonstrate for his freedom.
  • October 26: the Treaty of Addis Ababa is signed.
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