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1894 1895 1896


  • Fashoda Crisis: Britain and France come close to war over southern Sudan.
  • First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) ends.
  • Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is exiled to Siberia.
  • Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani abdicates her throne.
  • Cuban nationalists rebel against Spanish rule. Spanish Gen. Valeriano Weyler employs the first concentration camps to smash the revolution. "Yellow Press," led by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, fans the flames of American imperialism.
  • Gustave Le Bon publishes The Crowd.


  • January 1: J. Edgar Hoover is born.
  • March 8-9: U.S. Marines intervene in Columbia to protect American business interests from the Columbian "bandit" chieftain.
  • March 29: Future Nazi radio propagandist Frederick W. "Fritz" Kaltenbach is born in Dubuque, Iowa.
  • May 15: Prescott Bush is born.
  • Jun 10: Immanuel Velikovsky is born.
  • October 4: Victor Sorge is born.
  • November 22: Menalamba Uprising against French colonial occupoation in Madagascar begins.
  • December 27: Jameson Raid into the Transvaal begins; fails within one week.
  • December: Henry Morton Stanley publishes editorial, "How to Conquer the Continent," in Africa News.
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