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1886 1887 1888


  • The Desert Land Act of 1887 transfers yet more public land in the U.S. once owned by Native Americans to private interests.
  • Britain acquires Upper Burma as an imperial possession.
  • Claude-Joseph Roughet de Lisle's La Marseillaise is made the French national anthem by the French Ministry of War.


  • January 25: Ethiopian army under Ras Alula Ingida destroys invading Italian army at Dogali, 12 km. west of Masawa. 500 Italian soldiers die to be later commemorated as i cinquecento.
  • August 17: Marcus Garvey is born in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.
  • October 31: Future Generalissimo of China, Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi) is born in Xikou, near Ningbo.
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