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1884 1885 1886


  • Madagascar becomes a French protectorate (colony).
  • Emile Zola publishes Germinal.
  • Second wave of Japanese immigrants begins as 945 kanyaku imin or government sponsored contract laborers arrive in Hawaii. Second wave of 30,000 lasts from 1885 to 1894.
  • Second Northwest Rebellion in Saskatchewan; Metis and Cree kill 17 before the Metis capital is overrun by Dominion troops and the Metis leader arrested.
  • The Glasgow Observer is founded.
  • Giacomo Matteotti is born.


  • January 26: The Sudanese army of the Mahdi (Muhammad Ahmad) captures Khartoum.
  • February 7: Sinclair Lewis is born in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.
  • May 17: Geronimo flees the San Carlos reservation with 35 warriors and 109 women, children and youths.
  • September 2: Whites attack Chinese in Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory, killing 28 Chinese and burning down a Chinese mining camp with an estimated property loss of $150,000. List of the Victims
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