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1880 1881 1882


  • Tunisia becomes a French protectorate (colony).
  • France begins 7 year effort to dig a canal across the Isthmus of Panama using private capital investment. Projects fails in 1888 and is later completed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a public rather than private entity.
  • Chief Sitting Bull returns from exile in Canada with a small band of followers, surrenders to Gen. Alfred Terry.
  • Spanish Royal Decree issued in attempt to force Philipine Luzon tribesmen to wear breeches and coats in the presence of government officials.
  • Leo Pinsker publishes Autoemancipation.
  • Pierre Monatte is born.
  • Alexander Rykov is born.
  • Otto Bauer is born.


  • March 1: Tsar Alexander II is assassinated by Narodnaia Volia. This was the last of ten attempts on his life.
  • October 26: Gun Fight at the OK Corral. Earp family and Doc Holiday win; Clanton family loses.

Hollywood also wins.

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