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1879 1880 1881


  • Nativism on the rise in the U.S. President Benjamin Hayes signs the Chinese Exclusion Treaty, which reverses the open-door policy set in 1868.
  • Population of Europeans in Chicago reaches 204,859, 163,482 from the German Empire.
  • New York City scavengers remove at lest 15,000 horse carcasses from city streets.
  • Tahitian King Pomare V surrenders his county to the French.


  • February 5: Explosion at the Winter Palace in St. Petersberg. Radical anti-czarist Lev Nikolaevich Gartman is arrested in Paris but popular pressure from the French left causes the French government to refuse his extradition to Russia.
  • October: Theordore Roosevelt enter Columbia Law School but quits in 1882 without receiving a degree or becoming an attorney.
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