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1876 1877 1878


  • Railroad Strike of 1877 in the United States.
  • El Motín de los Artilleros(Mutiny of the Artillerymen) results in the destruction of a large part of Punta Arenas.
  • Julius A. Wayland marries Etta Bevan and moves to Harrisonville, Missouri.
  • Future conservative politician and future father of space pioneer Werner von Braun, Magnus Freiherr von Braun, is born.


  • January 1: Queen Victoria is declared Empress of India.
  • January 25: Congress passes law requiring electoral recount, the Hayes-Tilden election is still in doubt.
  • March 5: Rutherford B. Hayes is inaugurated as President of the United States.
  • April 10: End of the Reconstruction Era is signalled by the decision of Pres. Hayes begins withdrawal of Federal troops from the American South.
  • June 8: Pancho Villa is born in Grande, or San Juan del Río, Durango as Doroteo Arango, Mexico.
  • July 2: Russia mobilizes the Imperial Guards for war in the Balkans.
  • July 24: Confrontations between railroad strikers and police began in Chicago. Railroad workers and their supporters stop all rail transport, then close stockyards, construction and manufacturing plants.
  • August 12: Asaph Hall discovers Deimos, outer moon of Mars.
  • August 18: Asaph Hall discovers Phobos, inner moon of Mars.
  • September 5: Crazy Horse is killed by being bayonetted by a Private William Gentles while in custody at Fort Robinson.
  • December: Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.
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