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1866 1867 1868


  • Russia sells Alaska to the United States.
  • Comanches struck with cholera epidemic.
  • Switzerland completes the Mont Cenis tunnel.
  • Walter Bagehot publishes The English Constitution.


  • March 2: Republican Governor of Illinois Rochard J. "Uncle Dick" Ogilsby signs America's first eight hour work day law.
  • May 1: March along Lajeshore Drive in Chicago organized by the Eight Hour Committeee.
  • July 7: Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer orders his soldiers to pursue deserters and shoot them without trial. Three deserters are shot and one dies after Custer orders that he not be given medical attention. Custer is later tried and convicted in a courts-martial, but receives only a slap on the wrist.
  • September 29: Walther Rathenau is born in Berlin.
  • October: Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek brings peace to the Southern Plains.
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