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1863 1864 1865


  • Prussian-Danish War
  • International Working Mens Association, a.k.a. The First International, founded in London.
  • The future Mehmet Emin Effendi by way of being future Dr. Hairollah Effendi graduates from medical school in Berlin as Eduard Karl Oskar Theodor Schnitzer.
  • Chilcotin "War" in British Columbia ended with arrests.
  • Arizona Territory is created.


  • February 24: German citizens in San Francisco hold meeting to dicsuss the Holstein-Schleswig war question.
  • April 2: Confederate traitors abandon Richmond, Virgina.
  • April 9: Traitor Gen. Robert E. Lee surrenders to Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and the U.S. Civil War ends.
  • September 1: Charlottetown Conference begins, the first of three conferences leading to Confederation of Canada.
  • September 1: Fenian Brotherhood of the Pacific Coast holds first general convention in San Francisco.
  • October 9: Qing Dynasty forces capture Taiping leader Hong Rengan.
  • October 25: Qing Dynasty forces capture heir to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Tiangui Fu.
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