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1862 1863 1864


  • The word mafia appears in print for the first time: Giuspee Rizzotto & Gaspare Mosca's comedy I mafiusa di la Vicaria.
  • Joseph Caillaux is born.


  • January 1: Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves in the Confederate but not border states.
  • March: First Conscription Act passed. Produces riots in predominantly Irish working class neighborhoods in New York.
  • April 24: Lieber Code is adopted by the Union War department as General Order 100.
  • May: Vicksburg Campaign.
  • May 1: Confederate Congress passes a joint resolution permitting the summary execution of white Union officers commanding black Union troops as having committed the crime of "inciting servole insurrection."
  • May 4: Battle of Chancellorsville.
  • May 5: Battle of Tupelo.
  • May 10: Stonewall Jackson dies in friendly fire at Chancellorsville.
  • May 25: Prisoner exchange of officers between the Union and Confederacy is terminated.
  • July 1-3: Battle of Gettysburgh.
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