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1848 1849 1850


  • State of Deseret (Utah) seeks admission into the Union.
  • Statehood for Hawaii is first mentioned.
  • French admiral Legoarant de Tromelin fails in attempted occupation/annexation of Hawaii.
  • Revolutionary upheavels of 1848 come to an end.
  • Michael Corcoran emigrates from Eire to the United States.
  • Astor Palace Riot.


  • March 30: British annex all of Darbar territories and Punjab is absorbed into British Empire in India.
  • June: Austria and Prussia repress revolutions in the Rhineland, Saxony, and Bavaria.
  • June: Russians smash Hungarian Republic.
  • August: Venetian Republic falls because of cholera and starvation.
  • September 14: Ivan Pavlov is born in Ryazan, Russia.
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