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1847 1848 1849


  • Year of Liberal Revolution across Europe.
  • Karl Marx and Frederick Engels publish The Communist Manifesto.
  • Hawaiian King Kamehameha III signs The Great Mahele allowing commoners and haoles to own land outright or in "fee simple," a concept that continues today.
  • al-hajj Umar Tal returns from pilgrimage to Mecca, joins the Tijanyyia brotherhood and launches jihad as the Tijanyyia leader of West Africa.
  • Comanches stuck with smallpox epidemic.
  • Ladislus Magyan explores Congo River.


  • January 24: James W. Marshall discovers gold in Coloma, California.
  • February 21: John Quincy Adams suffers a stroke on the floor of the House of Representatives, and dies two days later.
  • February 24: Louis Phillipe abdicates and the French Second Republic declared from the Hotel de Ville.
  • March 3: Lajos Kossuth calls for representative government in Hungary.
  • March 3: Revolution in the Rhineland.
  • March 12: Revolution in Vienna.
  • March 15: Revolution in Berlin.
  • March 18: Revolution in Milan.
  • March 22: Revolution in Venice, Venetian Republic was reestablished.
  • April 10: Great Chartist Demonstration terrifies British ruling class.
  • September: Rioting in Frankfurt.
  • September 20: American brig Daphne sights and pursues a sea monster, a huge snake with a dragon's head, swimming in the eastern Atlantic. Guardian News Report
  • December: Louis Napoleon Bonaparte wins 70% of the popular vote in French national elction.
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