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1840 1841 1842


  • Russians abandon Fort Ross in California.
  • Immigration increases Irish population in England and Wales to 289,404.


  • January 28: Future Henry Morton Stanley is born as John Rowlands to the unmarried 19 year Elisabeth (Betsy) Parry in Wales.
  • April 15: Karl Marx receives his Ph.D. The University of Jena awarded "Carolo Henrico Marx" the degree of doctor of philosophy for his dissertation, Difference between Democritean and Epicurean Natural Philosophy.
  • November 29: Dutch colonial military court in Padang tries the leaders of a mutiny in Sumatra among African troops in the Dutch colonial army. Coffie Prins and Kudjo Serroe are convicted and sentenced to death. (The Dutch West Indies Governor General commutes both their sentences to 10 years imprisonment.) Three others leaders were sentenced to 6 months detention and 25 lashes while 6 others were sentenced to 25 lashes.
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