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1836 1837 1838


  • Louis Daguerre invents the Daguerreotype.
  • Samuel Morse patents the telegraph.
  • Twenty-three year old Hong Huoxiu, future Heavenly King of the Taiping, pases the first round of Chinese Mardarinate (civil service) examinations but fails the second round of examinations.
  • Italian Roman Catholic missionaries launch missionary activities in Eritrea.


  • March 4: Martin Van Buren succeeds Andrew Jackson as President of the United States.
  • May: Peter Dillon changes his name to Chevalier de Dillon.
  • May 10, 1837: Panic of 1837 signalled when New York banks suspend payment of coined money.
  • June 20: Queen Victoria crowned.
  • August 16: Dutch imperialist forces consolidate control over Sumatra when they capture Bonjol, ending the (1816-1837) Minangkabau War, a.k.a. Padri War.
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