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1815 1816 1817


  • Hong Huoxiu, future Heavenly King of the Taiping, is born.
  • Marine named Bevans from The Independence docked in Boston Harbor is convicted of murder in Federal court for killing a passerby with a bayonet thrust in response to disrespectful language. The War of 1812 was unpopular in New England. U.S v. Bevans, Fed. Cas. No. 14589 (C.C.C. Mass 1816). Later reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. v. Bevans, 3 Wheat. 336 (1818) because Boston Harbor was not part of the high seas and therefore the lower court lacked jurisdiction.
  • American Colonization Society (ACS) is established in Washington, D.C. to promote repatriation of freed African-American slaves to Africa.
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