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1792 1793 1794


  • Sir Alexander MacKenize achieves first recorded crossing of mainland North America.
  • Lord Cornwallis enacts the "permanent settlement" of Bengal, or the assessment of land values in the colony permitting agrarian entrepreneurial investment. The Bengalis are further impoverished by British colonialism.
  • Pomare dynasty begins in Tahiti.


  • January 21: French King Louis XVI placed on the guillotine and beheaded before 20,000 witnesses. He had been prosecuted by Robespierre in December 1792.
  • May 31: Ezra Mead, a cooper, is executed by hanging in Poughkeepsie, New York.
  • August 29: French governor of St. Domingue (Haiti) Leger-Felicite Sonthyanax exceeds his authority from Paris and proclaims the end of slavery in the colony.
  • September: Fearing that liberty will spread to the British slave sugar colonies in the Caribbean, the British land troops in St. Domingue for one of history's periodic imperialist quagmires.
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