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1790 1791 1792


  • British Parliament is reconvened after being dissolved since 1789. Trial of Warren Hastings in the House of Lords begins again and doesn't end until 1795.
  • Wine-making resumes in Mexico at the Saint Thomas Mission (Mision de Santo Tomas) Baja California Norte.
  • First volume of John Sinclair's Statistical Account of Scotland is published.
  • Peter Dillon moves from Martinique back to his father's ancestral Eire.


  • March 4: Vermont joins the United States as the 14th state.
  • September 3: French National Assembly issued new constitution that permited Louis XVI to retain his title and direct authority over foreign policy & army while the Assembly retained all lawmaking powers. Franchise extended to bourgeois French males.
  • September 27: Emacipation of the Jews of France as equal citizens of the republic. Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and England soon follow the example of French liberty.
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