10 Worst Civil Wars List

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Current Civil Wars

  1. Sudan Northern Muslim dominated government v. Southern Xn and animists
  2. Congo Connected to Burundi civil war; ethnic clashes.
  3. Uganda Rebels: Joseph Kony, of the The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), Uganda Rebels
  4. Russia Rebels: Chechnya's nationalist movement.
  5. Nepal Rebels: Maoist "People's War" group
  6. Somolia Four main warlords compete for control; there is no one legitimate government.
  7. Colombia Rebels: FARC, ELN (the war is 35 years old and rebels hold substantial parts of the nation's territory).
  8. Indonesia (Aceh province)
  9. India (Jammu-Kashmir)
  10. Burundi Rebels: "Force For Defense of Democracy" (Hutu Rebels) -- 11 year old war.

Other nations with active insurgencies or secessionist movements:

Dust Still Settling From Recent Civil Wars

Historic Civil Wars

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