109th United States Congress

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109th - United States Congress
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert
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This is the daily summary of the actions in 109th United States Congress as a whole, for Overview.

The 109th United States Congress meet from January 4, 2005, to January 1, 2007. All members of the House of Representatives were elected in the November 2004 House elections, while 34 of the members of the Senate were elected in the November 2004 Senate elections.



The 109th Congress began its first day swearing in and performing many of the ceremonial and pedestrian activities associated with a new Congress. (NOTE: Better write-up and format/structure to follow).


Major legislation passed

First Session

(including McCain Detainee Amendment)

Second Session


See the listing of the membership of the 109th United States Congress.

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