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Wikipedia NPOV Project

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Wikipedia Project

Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Goals of this project: The purging of un-democratic/regressive terms from Wikipedia. The inclusion of progressive frames. To keep Wikipedia neutral, by providing contrasting views. To add democratic/progressive terms, organizations and acts.

See this Diary

Articles needing attention

hot item

The battle over the memory of Marla Ruzicka:

See this diary for some details:

Health Savings Accounts

Currently it states: "Proponents say HSAs give individuals an incentive to save on health care, since they pay the first few thousand dollars of cost out of pocket. Critics say that is a bad thing, since people skimp on preventing diseases before the condition becomes serious."

We should elaborate on what the critics say part.

wegerje 11:22, 7 Jan 2005 (PST) Here's my shot at an addition - "They go on to say that health care has historically been best where government support has been greatest, rather than leaving it to individuals, where the quality of health care becomes dependent upon individual wealth."

wegerje 16:00, 10 Jan 2005 (PST) OK someone took it out. I signed up so my name will now appear with my changes. I went to the discussion for the page and added: What is the purpose the Ownership Society section. It seems out of place. I am wont to delete it. Wegerje 23:28, 10 Jan 2005 (UTC) Lets see what happens next.

Ownership Society

It goes on to talk about the ownership society. Stating that "the HSA is a vehicle used on the road to an ownership society where every person want to, can, and does take responsibility for their own family, future, money, savings, and security." Makes it sound awfully rosey doesn't it?

Shouldn't we add our perspective on the so called ownership society? Others say it is a blah, blah, blah...

wegerje 11:13, 7 Jan 2005 (PST) Added this " At one time property ownership even extended to ownership of people, that is slavery." in the consequences section. A small reminder that limits to ownership can be good.

Medicare (United States)

Should have something about the Bush bill -- the protection for the drug companies' profits (forbidding the federal government from bargaining for better prices), and the misrepresentation of the cost.

Ohio Democratic Party

Discussed in the diary linked at the top of this article. Some changes have been made, but there's probably room for more.

Articles to be created

Robert Abrams

A progressive New York State Attorney General, who challenged D'Amato in 1992 -- no article on him.

(This is just one example. All over the country, there are good current leaders and historical figures who should be profiled, but aren't. Pick some people you admire and make sure they're included, and that their biographies are more than just stubs.)

Armstrong Williams

The flip side of the Abrams situation. People on the Daily Kos are inveighing against Williams and his role in promoting the No Child Left Behind Act. Wikipedia doesn't even mention Williams.

Create an article here: Armstrong Williams. Cite sources for any controversial facts. Leave out your own opinions, but you can include opinions of notable people that are properly attributed: "Senator ___ said ___" (ideally, followed by a link to a news story). Don't forget to include a brief summary, with a wikilink to your new article, in the article on the No Child Left Behind Act.

Update: Wikipedia now has an article about Williams, based on an import of the SourceWatch article. There are still plenty of other articles that are missing, or give only scanty coverage.

Frames that Need Changing

From: xxxx xxxx To: yyyy yyyy

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