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Wally Edge

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Wally Edge is a pseudonym used in a host of blogs run by Claremont Institute, a conservative think thank.[1]

Here is the whois information for, one of the blogs connected with the Claremont Institute:

409 Washington Street
PMB 361
Hoboken, NJ  US
Created on 09-26-2001
Expires on 09-26-2006
Administrative Contact:
Phone: 201-221-8033
Technical Contact:
Namesecure Inc.
Phone: 570-708-8418
Name Servers:

More information from VeritasLux, a member of the MyDD community: [2]

Is "Wally Edge" Howard Ahmanson?

The site is registered to the pseudonymous "Wally Edge"--along with Hm-m-m, Wally Edge or is it Wedge Ally? Following the link two steps further, all of these politicsNJ/PA/NH, etc. sites apparently are the stepchildren of the Publius Institute, which is itself apparently a creation of the Claremont Institute--a conservative think tank in Claremont, CA. Since Claremont lists Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. (of ES&S and voting machine fame) on its board of directors, and his wife, Roberta Green Ahmanson, on the same web page, it is logical to assume, as with many right-wing, Christian Reconstructionist groups, that Claremont is funded by the Ahmansons. (See:

It might be worth a few hundred emails to good friend "Wally" asking them why they are performing unsubstantiated and anonymous hatchet jobs on Democratic candidates--although given the shady connections, I'd say that Ginny and Chris should take Claremont's sleazy, little, anonymous bitch slap as a compliment. Email information for these two groups is listed below.

Here also is a piece from the Boston Phoenix about the role in the 2004 NH primary of, the sister site to PoliticsPA. The article can be found at

At <<Click on " Our Team, " and it brings you to the photos and brief bios of four staffers: managing editor James W. Pindell; senior editor Brian P. Murphy, a former staffer for George magazine; Jordan S. Lieberman, who is the president of the Publius Group, which owns the site along with several others, including PoliticsNJ, PoliticsVT, and PoliticsNY; and columnist Dante J. Scala, who is also an assistant professor of politics at Saint Anselm College.

A check through the Networks Solutions search site reveals that PoliticsNH is registered to Wally Edge is listed as the site's " administrative contact. " Edge did not return a call from the Phoenix. On the PoliticsNJ site, though, the " About Us " link says, " is operated by The Publius Group (ED. Note-an apparent front for The Claremont Institute) and our editor is Wally Edge, a pseudonym for the people who are working on this site. " Last February, Roll Call columnist Stuart Rothenberg did a piece on anonymous political Web sites. When he called the Publius Group, Lieberman called him back but wouldn't provide additional details on who was backing the venture. Rather than identifying himself as the president of the Publius Group, as he's now listed on, Lieberman told Rothenberg that he handled marketing for the company. Rothenberg's conclusion? " The potential for abuse with these sites is enormous. What would stop a candidate from setting up an anonymous political site and using it as a way to undercut or discredit an opponent? " The answer is nothing. In the meantime, PoliticsNH generates buzz.>> So, I'd say the Repugs are scared of Ginny and the netroots and are using their usual clandestine operations to try and neutralize the netroots long before the 2006 election. (BTW, their activities sound like a great basis for a blog that outs these manipulations and informs the mainstream media in real time.) Keep up the good work. OH-2 and the Hackett campaign obviously scared the hell out of them.</div>

See also: Claremont Institute, Publius Institute, Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr, ES&S, Roberta Green Ahmanson, Claremont McKenna College, Mercatus Center, and Republican Noise Machine.

The name is that of an old New Jersey pol. A relatively liberal Republican, back when that was a lot less notable than it is now. The New Jersey site, for which the writer chose his name, has been successful enough so that he's branched out to other states. Having read the site on and off for years, I don't think he treats Democratic candidates differently than he treats Republicans. He's also always included effective columnists from across the spectrum. (Well, as far across as could conceivably win a primary in either party.) See for Edge's own explanation of his pseudonym.

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