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U.S. Senate election, 1996

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Republican hold in light red, Republican pickup in dark red, Democratic hold in light blue, Democratic pickup in dark blue.
Republican hold in light red, Republican pickup in dark red, Democratic hold in light blue, Democratic pickup in dark blue.

The U.S. Senate election, 1996 was an election for United States Senate which coincided with the re-election of Bill Clinton as president. It followed the major Republican gains of 1994. Because of the staggered nature of the Senate, some of the alignment shift of 1994 carried over to this year, even though the Republicans lost seats in the House.


Notable Races

The Republicans made a net gain of two seats by capturing the open seats in Alabama, Arkansas, and Nebraska, but Democrat Tim Johnson defeated Republican incumbent Larry Pressler in South Dakota.

Senate contests in 1996

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StateIncumbentPartyStatusOpposing Candidates
AlabamaHowell HeflinDemocratRetired: Republican victory, 52 - 46Jeff Sessions (Republican)
Roger Bedford (Democrat)
AlaskaTed StevensRepublicanRe-elected, 77 - 13 - 10Jeff Whittaker (Green)
Theresa Obermeyer (Democrat)
ArkansasDavid PryorDemocratRetired: Republican victory, 53 - 47Tim Hutchinson (Republican)
Winston Bryant (Democrat)
ColoradoHank BrownRepublicanRetired: Republican victory, 51 - 46Wayne Allard (Republican)
Tom Strickland (Democrat)
DelawareJoe BidenDemocratRe-elected, 60 - 38Raymond J. Clatworthy (Republican)
GeorgiaSam NunnDemocratRetired: Democratic victory, 49 - 48Max Cleland (Democrat)
Guy Millner (Republican)
IdahoLarry E. CraigRepublicanRe-elected, 57 - 40Walt Minnick (Democrat)
IllinoisPaul SimonDemocratRetired: Democratic victory, 56 - 41Richard J. Durbin (Democrat)
Al Salvi (Republican)
IowaTom HarkinDemocratRe-elected, 52 - 47Jim Ross Lightfoot (Republican)
KansasNancy KassebaumRepublicanRetired: Republican victory, 62 - 34Pat Roberts (Republican)
Sally Thompson (Democrat)
Kansas1Sheila FrahmRepublicanDefeated in Primary: Republican victory, 54 - 43Sam Brownback (Republican)
Jill Docking (Democrat)
KentuckyMitch McConnellRepublicanRe-elected, 55 - 43Steve Beshear (Democrat)
LouisianaBennett Johnston Jr.DemocratRetired: Democratic victory, 50 - 50Mary Landrieu (Democrat)
Woody Jenkins (Republican)
MaineWilliam CohenRepublicanRetired: Republican victory, 49 - 44Susan M. Collins (Republican)
Joe Brennan (Democrat)
MassachusettsJohn KerryDemocratRe-elected, 53 - 45William Weld (Republican)
MichiganCarl LevinDemocratRe-elected, 58 - 40Ronna Romney (Republican)
MinnesotaPaul WellstoneDemocrat (DFL)Re-elected, 50 - 41 - 7Rudy Boschwitz (Republican)
Dean Barkley (Reform)
MississippiThad CochranRepublicanRe-elected, 71 - 27James Hunt (Democrat)
MontanaMax BaucusDemocratRe-elected, 50 - 45Dennis Rehberg (Republican)
NebraskaJ. James ExonDemocratRetired: Republican victory, 56 - 42Chuck Hagel (Republican)
Ben Nelson (Democrat)
New HampshireBob SmithRepublicanRe-elected, 49 - 46Dick Swett (Democrat)
New JerseyBill BradleyDemocratRetired: Democratic victory, 53 - 43Robert Torricelli (Democrat)
Dick Zimmer (Republican)
New MexicoPete DomeniciRepublicanRe-elected, 64 - 30Art Trujillo (Democrat)
North CarolinaJesse HelmsRepublicanRe-elected, 53 - 46Harvey Gantt (Democrat)
OklahomaJim InhofeRepublicanRe-elected, 57 - 40James Boren (Democrat)
OregonMark HatfieldRepublicanRetired: Republican victory, 49 - 47Gordon H. Smith (Republican)
Tom Bruggere (Democrat)
Rhode IslandClaiborne PellDemocratRetired: Democratic victory, 63 - 35John F. Reed (Democrat)
Nancy Mayer (Republican)
South CarolinaStrom ThurmondRepublicanRe-elected, 53 - 44Elliot Close (Democrat)
South DakotaLarry PresslerRepublicanDefeated, 51 - 49Tim Johnson (Democrat)
TennesseeFred ThompsonRepublicanRe-elected, 61 - 37Houston Gordon (Democrat)
TexasPhil GrammRepublicanRe-elected, 55 - 44Victor Morales (Democrat)
VirginiaJohn WarnerRepublicanRe-elected, 53 - 47Mark Warner (Democrat)
West VirginiaJay RockefellerDemocratRe-elected, 77 - 23Betty Burkes (Republican)
WyomingAlan SimpsonRepublicanRetired: Republican victory, 54 - 42Michael B. Enzi (Republican)
Joyce Jansa Corcoran (Democrat)

1 special election due to resignation of Robert Dole to pursue the presidency -- next regular election held in 1998

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