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San Patricios

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The San Patricios were the members of the Legion of Saint Patrick who fought as a unit of the Mexican Army in the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 a.k.a. The American Invasion of Mexico. The overwhelming majority were Roman Catholics and either Irish-Americans or German-Americans who had deserted from the United States Army in response to social discrimination against Roman Catholics and against the Irish in particular. The Mexican-American War saw the largest number of desertions from the United States Army, more than 9,000, of any war in the history of the United States, including the Vietnam War. Most deserters returned to their homes in the Eastern Seaboard of the United States or made new lives in the American West or in Mexico. A dozen applied for asylum with the British Consul in Mexico City. However several hundred deserters as well as European residents of Mexico joined the Legion of Saint Patrick.

After their capture by the United States Army, 50 of the San Patricios were hanged in mass executions. Others received life sentences. Dozens more were branded on the cheek or hip with the letter “D” for deserter.

List of San Patricos

Captain John Riley Henry Logenhamer Henry Yenator Francis Rhode John Kiager Alfred Fogal George W. Jackson William O’Connor Richard Hanly Joseph Appleby George Dalwig Barney Hart Thomas Millet Hezekiah Akies John Bartley Alexander McKee F.W. Carretson John Bowers M.T. Frantius Henry Mewer Henry Octker Henry Whistler William H. Keeck Edward McHerron Andrew Nolan Patrick Daltan John Cuttle John Price William D.A. Thouse William A. Wallace Euzier S. Lusk Herman Schmidt Thomas Riley James Mills Lawrence Mackey Francis O’Connor Peter Neil Kerr Delaney Patrick Antison Harrison Kenny Roger Hogan John Sheehan John A. Myers Richard Parker Lenuel Wheaton Samuel H. Thomas David McElroy Abraham Fitzpatrick John Benedick John Rose LaChiar McClachien Patrick Casey Johhn Brooke Roger Duhan Jamese Speers Martin Lyndon Dennis Conahan Auguste Morsataft James McDowell Gibson McDoowell High McClelland John McDonald John Cavanaugh Thomas Cassidy John Daly Martin Miles Parian Fritz James Kelly John Murphy John Little Lewis Preifer


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