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A Few Thoughts

In reality, this boils down to the most basic Ruile Number One of writing: "Show, don't tell." In fiction, you don't simply tell your readers that a character is an Evil Bastard — you show him doing the things that an Evil Bastard would do. This should be no less the case in writing that aspires to be non-fiction. Don't waste your words and the reader's time calling someone a right-wing douchebag; simply give examples of their douchebaggery, and trust your readers.
The goal, to quote Thomas Jefferson, should be to "place before mankind the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent."
After all, telling readers what to think about someone is the sort of thing that right-wing blowhards do. We're better than that.
Remember: lockstep orthodoxy is for the other guys, not us.
All that demoting NPOV from The Highest Principle to a "mere" Guiding Principle means is that we can write articles about 60 Minutes and GWB's Air National Guard "service" that don't have to pretend that Powerline's idiotic font pictures constitute any kind of actual evidence. Thank God.

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