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Frame:Patriot Act

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Framing: The Patriot Act

This page is for creating frames about the so-called USA Patriot Act.

Note: We refer to this act as the “Patriot Act” without the “USA” and with only initial caps because this name is sufficient to identify it. The “USA” and the additional capitalization are pretentious, obviously intended to cover up the fact that it doesn’t protect the U.S. and is not something that a patriot would want. We also use this name, which includes the word “act” because referring to it by its official name (Public Law 107-56) suggests that it is finished law. On the contrary, it’s not clear that it passes constitutional muster.

Framing Rounds Involving the Patriot Act

Please list any rounds here. If you are the coordinator of the round, copy the round template from the Templates section, below, to this section and replace sections enclosed in braces to indicate the target close date and other information about the round. Add a reference to the diary that establishes the round where indicated.

Unfinished Pieces of Frames About the Patriot Act

Please put unfinished text in sections here. Start with “Note 1” and number them successively.

Note 1

{Put first note here.}


===Framing Round {sequence number}===
{Description of the round}
{Target date to close the round}
Establishing Diary: {Put reference to the diary establishing the round here}[{copy of URL to diary} {title of diary}] by {author of diary}.
====Diaries commenting on framing this topic====
Authors commenting on this topic add references to their diaries to the list below.
* [{copy of URL to diary} {title of diary}] by {author of diary}.

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