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New Troll point of view

From dKosopedia

The New Troll point of view is:

The troll-friendly large public wikis have sometimes hosted debates on the validity of the views of new trolls versus those of longstanding users who see themselves as part of a "community" (which self-proclaimed "trolls" do not, usually).

An example of NTpov at dkosopedia itself is the replacement of the article on Canada with a somewhat trollish view. Rather than delete or chide the contributor, an attempt is made to characterize it as being that of a known political faction or tendency, and it is placed in an appropriate place in the namespace. Provision for moving it to Canada (troll view) is made in case the factional assessment is wrong. This is a good example of how to handle the New Troll point of view and prevent dissent from building up to a disruptive degree.

Paradoxically, the world trolling anarchization, which seeks to take over wikis and namespaces including DNS, promotes both accomodations of the NTpov by existing operators and the long term changes that can probably only occur with some tension by suppressed factions. This could be stupidity on their part (quite likely considering their absurd logo) or part of a larger troll plan. A key subject of controversy is whether trolls can have plans, or even friends.

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