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Muslim Brotherhood

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The Muslim Broherhood is a Sunni Islamist organization with branches in all majority Sunni Muslim countries.

Research Described

Ever since September 11th, I thought that Osama bin Laden created al Qaeda. He didn’t. I found this out as the result of a statement made by a friend’s boss. I took the statement as a challenge. He stated that we were engaged in a religious war and that if someone translated the names of the Islamic terrorist organizations, those names would provide proof of his theory. I thought this would be an interesting and ironic way to study terrorism because their principal enemies, the people of Israel, Jewish people give particular significance to the importance of one’s name.

My research began with bin Laden. Al Qaeda translates as “the base.” It is my belief that this is a reference to the creation of a non-state base of power which will eventually be used to supplant the royal Saud family and take over the land, wealth and power of the Arabian Peninsula. This model has been used in the past, and specifically it has been used in the conflict between Muslims and Jews.

In the years after the First World War, Zionists sought the creation of the state of Israel. They began with the British government issuing the Balfour resolution, but their dream of a Jewish homeland did not become a reality until 1947. The Zionists were busy and productive in the intervening years, in spite or possibly because of the adversity they had to endure. The Nazi’s killed one quarter of all Jews in Europe and less than two years after their release from the concentration camps; they created a new state which was promptly attacked by their Islamic neighbors.

It is difficult to imagine that a nation, so new, could survive, let alone defeat a multinational enemy. To their credit, the Israelis did. They were successful because they had created their infrastructure and their military in advance. Unlike the Americans who didn’t have their affairs in order until more than a decade after their Declaration of Independence, the Israelis were fully functioning on day one because they had created their base of power, or at least they had defined authority and responsibility in advance.

The Palestinians, Yassir Arafat, copied this model when they created the Palestinian Liberation Organization. They created an external base of power so that when the state of Palestine is created; those who created this base would have a reserved place at the table.

I believed that Osama bin Laden created al Qaeda. I was a little surprised to discover that he isn’t the revolutionary visionary. Islamists (those who believe in a utopian world where all follow the Wabbabist version of Islam or are killed) follow a venture capital model when they create their organizations. Organizations typically have an idea man and a money man. Bin Laden was the money man and the idea man was named Abdul Azzam. While OBL wasn’t the idea man, he is an ardent follower of the ideals. We must admit that he doesn’t live the materialist life of luxury that he could with his estimated wealth and that is a testament to his commitment to this cause.

Abdul Azzam was born in Palestine in 1941. He was a Sunni Muslim. I use the past tense because he was killed in Afghanistan. It is widely held that he was murdered by Bin Laden for two reasons. He was not in favor of targeting civilians because he did not believe the Qu’ran allowed it and because OBL wanted control.

Abdul Azzam is credited with created three terrorist organizations. In addition to al Qaeda, he created Islamic Jihad and Hamas. Azzam was the principal force behind recruiting Muslims to fight alongside local Afghani men as Mujahideen (Holy Warriors). He set up the Office of Services of the Holy Warriors in Peshwar, Pakistan to fund, train and otherwise support this effort. He also traveled to the US and spoke in mosques and raised money for this “Holy War” against Christians and Jews.

One of his most notable trips to the US was for the First Conference of Jihad which was held in the Al-Farook Mosque in Brooklyn NY. It was from this mosque that the blind sheik, Abdul Rahman and the ’93 attack on the World trade Center was to come. He was a classic anti-Semite and his hatred extended to the US, Britain and all other Christian nations.

The name Hamas comes from...

Azzam was a member of an organization called Al Ikhwan Al-Moslimoon , or the Islamic Brotherhood. This organization is (allegedly, supposedly, and whatever other qualifiers you need to feel comfortable) a Sunni religious social, professional, political, economic and scientific organization. It was created in 1928 be Hasan al Banna. Al Banna was an Egyptian school teacher. He named the organization for a group that was influential in the creation of the modern nation of Saudi Arabia. Al-Banna established the Ikhwan as a direct result of the reformer Kamal Ataturk’s abolition of the caliphate from the failing Ottoman Empire in 1924.

The Ikhwan are focused on six stated goals; building the Muslim individual, family, society, state, Khilafa (union of Islamic sates), and mastering the world with Islam. They are working to accomplish these goals by “tarbiah” or education. Hassan al Banna said, “one generation to listen, one to fight and one to win.” Beginning in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s the Ikhwan began to support Islamic communities in North America. One of their primary means of support is financial. Al-Banna and his followers focused on setting up Islamic financial institutions. They also set up schools, professional organizations, social and cultural institutions. I believe that the most fundamentalists members of this organization serve as the unseen foundation for Islamic terrorisms.

Ikhwan before al Banna Saudi Arabia was created by its first king, Ibn Saud. Ibn Saud created his base of power by using the military might of a local band of nomadic mercenaries, the Ikhwan, and he combined this military might with the moral authority of the local Wahabbist clerics. Ibn Saud expanded his base of power with the Ikhwan’s ferocious and feared camel mounted cavalry until he controlled what is now Saudi Arabia. The nation bears his familial name.

Ibn Saud faced an internal revolt after he created his kingdom. The Ikhwan wanted to invade the neighboring nations so that they could be converted to Wahabbist Islam. Ibn Saud decided not to do this, so the Ikhwan revolted. Ibn Saud approached the Wahabbist clerics and asked that they consider the legality of the Ikhwanic revolt. This was a risky politcal move, as the Wahhabbists were in agreement with the Ikhwan that all non-wahhabists Muslims were apostate, and therefore infidels and needed to be converted. The Wahhabists clerics, after consideration of the Qu’ran, issued a fatwah (religious and legal ruling) that the Ikhwan were wrong to rise up against the legitimate leader of an Islamic country. Ibn Saud used this fatwah to forcefully put down the Ikhwan. They effectively ceased to exist.

Hassan al Banna was born in 1906. He was the son of a watch repairer and Islamic scholar. When he was 21, al-Banna was hired to teach in the public school system. During this time, al Banna saw the living conditions that Egyptians who worked for the British had to endure. In March 1928, at age 22, al Banna along with his brother and five others gathered in al Banna’s home and swore an oath that they would live and die for Islam. By 1934 the Ikhwan had more than fifty branches and half a million members and supporters in Egypt. The decline of influence of the colonial powers (Britain, Germany and France) in the Islamic world led to a power vacuum. Into this void, the Ikhwan found their voice and created their following. They created schools, mosques and factories. They followed the Marxist model of grassroots “peasant” activism. Membership in his organization was and still is cellular in structure. These cells are called “usar” or families. He became disenchanted with Marxist though because of the atheistic emphasis of Marxism. He then turned to a first cousin of communism, National Socialism. This interest in Nietzsche lead Al Banna to create a relationship with the 20th Century’s most powerful National Socialist, Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was nationalism was a reaction to the Versailles Treaty and his delusions of betrayal of the Second Reich. Al Banna’s Islamism was a reaction to the end of the Ottoman Empire and Islam’s centuries long decline as a world power. Both were reacting to the reacting to the rising power of the west.

When Adolf Hitler was a writer, before he came to power, al Banna contacted him. As a result of al-Banna’s letters, Hitler sent a member of his intelligence community to Egypt. Al-Banna created a spy network for the Nazi’s in Egypt and then he expanded it to the entire Arabian peninsula. He also promised that the Muslim Brotherhood would kill the British when the Nazi’s arrived in Cairo and Alexandria. Al Banna learned from Hitler the importance of “educating” the youth.

Al Banna had a depraved view of the world. He taught that all pleasure of contemporary (western) civilization would result in “nothing other than pain.” He warned against dating or mating non-Islamic women and advised his followers not to go to night clubs, drink alcohol, eat pork and not to befriend non-Muslims. He stated that to do any of these things would be condoning unlawful (under Sharia) and immoral acts and the consequences for a Muslim who participated in these would be doubled.

Back in Time in Palestine During and after the first World War, Palestine was a British protectorate. The British were a true colonial empire. Unlike the failing Ottoman Empire, they had authority. The British had a local figurehead religious/political leader named Amin al-Husseini. The British created a title for al Husseini. They called him the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The implication was that al-Husseini was the superior of all other muftis in the British Empire. Toward the end of the First World War, al-Husseini’s delusions of power began to crumble. The British released the Balfour Declaration which stated, in principal, that the Jews should have their own state. Al-Husseini was furious.

The implications of the promised state of Israel to the Grand Mufti were dire. Not only was there going to be a tremendous migration of Jews from Europe, but they were not going to under his control. Al-Husseini’s response was to begin attacking and killing Zionists. After a period, he began targeting all Jews (some had lived in Palestine for hundreds of years). Al-Husseini’s actions caught the attention of Hilter. In 1936/7 Himmler was sent to Palestine to meet with Al Husseini. Shortly after the first Himmler/Al-Husseini meeting, the doctrine of the Third Reich changed. In its original model, the “undermencsh” were to be slaves of the Third Reich. There is substantial evidence that Al-Husseini is either the principal architect of the Final Solution, or he is the loudest voice in Berlin to expedite the process.

The relationship lasted until Himmler’s death (at Nuremberg?). Al-Husseini was to spend the duration of WWII in Germany where he actively participated in the Final Solution. Sources attribute the deaths of more than 500,000 Jews to the influence of Al-Husseini. Al-Husseini also stood up the 13th Waffen SS Balkan Division. The crimes committed by these forces

Had the British held al-Husseini to account for his actions, instead of exporting their troubles, history would be significantly different.

Al-Husseini set up a paramilitary wing of the Ikhwan. Their motto was “Action, Obedience, Silence.” He also created a secret intelligence arm, the “al-jihaz al-sirri.” This was the Ikhwan equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts (the SS) and Mussolini’s Black Shirts.

The Muslim Brotherhood was expanded in Syria in 1935.


Sayyid Qubt

“A mid-1960s recruit was Ayman al-Zawahiri, present number two man of al-Qaeda and the brains of the organization.”

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