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Liberia is a country in West Africa bordered by Cote d'Ivoire in the east and north, Guinea in the north and Sierra Leone in the north and west.


Political History

The Republic of Liberia was establsihed in 1847 by settlers from the United States in Monrovia. Over the rest of the 19th century these settlers and their descendants emerged as the Americo-Liberian elite class after establishing effective control over the hinterland of what became Liberian by creating paramount chiefs among the indigenes they encountered and ruling indirectly though them. The state controlled by the Americo-Liberians relied on economc rents from customs revenues, head taxes on the popualtion in the hinterland and revenues from leasing one million acres to the Firestone Ribber and Tire Corporation of Akron, Ohio for the development of rubber plantations.

Liberian Counties - Traditional Ethnic Groups


November 8, 2005 Second Round Presidential Election

Registered Voters: 1,325,556 Voter Turnout: 62.29% of registered voters

October 11, 2005 First Round Presidential Election

Resistered Voters: 1,325,556 Voter Turnout: 76.40% of registered voters

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