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This page attempts to collect what Markos Moulitsas has said about moderation policies and other meta issues at Daily Kos. All additions to this page should be linked to a post or comment by kos.


Moderation Policies

Barack Obama

"If you accuse someone of being racist just because they criticize Obama? Zap!" 2011-09-07 [1]

Copyright Violations

Daily Kos does not permit copyright violations. The Righthaven court case does not change this because Righthaven "lost on jurisdictional grounds, not on substantive fair use grounds." 2011-09-14 [2]

Diary Police

"There is no reason to police diaries except for those that are overtly trollish. If you find yourself acting as diary police, it is YOU who are wrong, not the diarist." 2011-07-15 [3]

"you don't know who they are? The ones who say, "Already diaried, please delete!" or "too short to be a diary!" etc etc." 2011-07-15 [4]

Dickish Behavior

Ah yes, many people want things written in stone. But defining dick behavior is like defining pornography or irony -- you know it when you see it. Some examples: Going back to hidden comments and pulling stuff out that's six months old. People are allowed to have an off-day without having it rubbed in their face in perpetuity. Stalking. Hijacking other people's diaries by dragging in meta fights from outside. Ad hominem attacks. You guys get the picture. Now here's a new addition to these guidelines -- if someone flies off the handle and apologizes in the same thread before I visit, I will look upon that very favorably. Anyone can have a bad moment, but genuine contrition can save the day. This is where "police your pals" can be extra helpful in diffusing an ugly situation. 2011-09-22 [5]

Subscriptions don't give one immunity from being a dick. Even banned users can still see the site without ads. They just can't participate in comments or diaries (which aren't subscriber perks). 2011-09-19 [6]

Free-For-All Zones

Now in the flip side -- if you write your diary promoting X, and an anti-x person offers a clean rebuttal, based on facts and without personal attacks or other dickishness -- don't be a dick in response. If you drag the discussion down in your diary, don't come crying to me. Same goes for your allies. If an ally (defined as someone who supports your point of view) goes off the deep end, then it's the responsibility of the diarist or other allies to make clear that such behavior is not tolerated. Otherwise... At that point, I will consider that diary/thread to be a free-for-all. I will ignore comments in such threads except for direct calls to violence, racist/sexist/bigoted language, copyright violations, or other deeply offensive material. Any other kind of dickish behavior will be fair game. 2011-09-14 [7]

"....if people take the gloves off, then they lose the ability to complain about the insulting diary. See how that works? People can either take the high road and attempt to create a more civil tone, or they can get down in the mud and fight." 2011-09-14 [8]

It's hard to keep up with comments in a fast-moving diary,"[b]ut if your friends are cheering along a dick, even if you're not around, then so be it. It's a free for all." 2011-09-14 [9]

The "Guest in Someone's House" Rule

"Walking into someone's diary is like walking into someone's home. You are a guest. Act accordingly. That doesn't mean you can't disagree. It just means you have to be civil and courteous and limit your arguments to substance. That level of courtesy must be even higher in group diaries. If people want to hang out and talk about X, and you are anti-X, then either be on your bestest of best behavior or just stay away. You are always free to write your own response diary or start your own anti-X group." 2011-09-14 [10]

If someone is pressing an opposing view in a dickish manner, you should either ignore them or politely call the out, but you should also call out allies on your side who are "degrding the conversation" unless you want a free-for-all zone. 2011-09-14 [11]

"And like I said, I think groups and people can set the tone they want in their diaries. They cannot shut out valid debate. But people who are being dicks are fair game. Certainly laughing about anyone dying is de facto dickish." 2011-09-14 [12]

"Asking for civility is one thing, but no, a diarist can't say "X topic is out of bounds". My rules refer to civility, not content. This is a debate site. If you don't want civil debate, then it's not for you." 2011-09-14 [13]

The proper response to a "recitation of 'house rules' to a substantive comment that does not agree with a diary's premise or arguments" is "counter-recitation" where kos says civil disagreement is allowed. 2011-09-22 [14]

Example of a diary that kos explicitly describes as a free for all. 2011-09-26 [15]

Hide Ratings

"Most of the time, it was people trying to hide non-trollish or objectionable comments. A hide rate is not "I disagree with your premise". But of course, the true purpose of the hide rate is often ignored." 2011-09-09 [16]

"if you're hide rating because of disagreement (ideological or otherwise), then you're abusing ratings. If you're uprating something that is clearly objectionable (personal attacks, bigotry, etc), then that's wrong too." 2011-09-09 [17]

Hidden Comments

No rule against quoting hiddens. 2011-09-07 [18]

"the Hidden Comments page is the third most highly trafficked page on the site." 2011-09-09 [19]

You should not seek out old hidden comments of another person and rub it in their face. 2011-09-14 [20]


Kos has a low tolerance for meta hijacks that drag meta fights from outside into other people's diaries. 2011-09-14 [21]


"Telling someone to stop being a dick isn't an insult. Unless that person isn't being a dick." 2011-09-14 [22]

Moderation Philosophy

"Some of you want a big set of rules printed and bound, so everyone is clear on the boundaries. Not me. I'll define "bannable dickishness" the way you define pornography or irony -- you know it when you see it." 2011-09-07 [23]

"We actually have something approaching common law already." 2011-09-06 [24]

"I don't plan on indulging people as much as mb did. I have less patience, and less time to try and figure out complicated histories of "who started it first". 2011-09-06 [25]

"If someone is a disruptive dick, and I catch it (I can't be everywhere), that's all I'll probably need to know." 2011-09-06 [26]

"I'm not zapping for idiocy." 2011-09-07 [27]

"You can still be civil while debating opinion. And opinions still have to be supported by facts." 2011-09-14 [28]

"Actual troll diaries, GBCWs, and other substance-less oeuvres" are exceptions to the rule requiring people to be civil and courteous. 2011-09-14 [29]

"I'm not worried about being consistent. There's too much content to truly moderate 100%. Kind of like the cops. You get away with speeding most of the time. But if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time..." 2011-09-14 [30]

Example of a hypothetical scenario where kos does not interpret behavior as "dickish". 2011-09-14 [31]

On who causes pie fights: "it takes two to tango" 2011-09-19 [32]

On the idea of banning I/P:
I've come close and at times, I've decided to do so, but then I don't. Why? Because if I banned every discussion that had nothing to do with electing better Democrats, we'd wipe out a good chunk of the site's content. This is a community site, and like any community, there are some rough patches. On the plus side, the I/P people don't drag their bullshit into other people's diaries. I've got to respect that. And I actually DO think that civility is much better these days, so I'd argue my purges (and frequent subsequent reinstatements) are having the intended effect. So far.

Offensive Language

"if someone says X colloquialism is offensive, why not just stop using it? Is the English language that limited? Just say, "Huh, never thought of it that way" and move on." 2011-09-14 [33]

After accusing a Republican of wetting his bed, kos received an e-mail claiming he was insensitive towards people who had trouble with bed-wetting in their youth and stopped using the phase. 2011-09-14 [34]

Those objecting to offensive language should explain their reasons instead of a blanket accusation of insensitivity. 2011-09-14 [35]


"I'm EAGER to act to rid the site of anyone that even skirts the line into racism." 2011-09-09 [36]


You should not follow people you disagree with in other diaries to remind them that you do not like them. 2011-09-14 [37]

Third Parties

"If you advocate for third party? Zap! This is a Democratic site. Advocating primaries is okay. Advocating third party is not." 2011-09-07 [38]

"Actually, there are two exceptions -- places with fusion voting like NY when the Working Families Party has endorsed the Democrat. Or, in those rare cases where an election doesn't have a Democrat on the ballot." 2009-09-07 [39]

No problem with Socialist Bernie Sanders because he caucuses with the Democrats and is endorsed by the Democratic Party 2011-09-07 [40]

Site Features


Action alerts aren't ads, so subscribers will still see them. 2011-03-13 [41]

"Running an ad doesn't imply endorsement. But, if I start rejecting ads, THEN every ad that DOES run has an implied endorsement." 2006-11-16 [42]


It requires lots of hide ratings in multiple diaries for auto-ban to kick in. 2011-08-30 [43]

The algorithm requires a user to have hidden comments in several diaries. That particular users hidden comments were all in a single diary. This is to protect an otherwise okay commenter who flames out in a single thread. As I've said, I'd rather have missed calls than false positives. 2011-09-19 [44]


Users can add their own copyright language. 2011-09-06 [45]


There is no limit to the number of diaries one can post. They do not have to be substantive and they do not have to be political. 2011-04-20 [46]

"But it would have to be epic for me to go back on unlimited diaries. It'd be like me joining the dark side and becoming a Republican. In other words, it violates my core community-building principles." 2011-04-20 [47]

"I expect this community to branch out beyond explicitly political material, to content that defines us as people." 2011-04-01 [48]

Diaries no longer need to have three substantive original paragraphs. 2011-02-23 [49]


Group admins can follow tags so that tagged diaries will show up in their related diary box. Groups can create and follow custom tags so that Kossacks can contribute by tagging their diaries without becoming members. 2011-04-19 [50]

"Every group will run itself differently, so you can decide to republish everything related, or just republish the really excellent stuff, or whatever." 2011-04-19 [51]

Expects to see consolidation of competing groups covering the same topics 2011-03-16 [52]

There is no way to create a private group. 2011-02-15 [53]

Editors can manage the group's publishing queue. Admins can also edit the group description and add/remove editors. Contributors can write diaries and post them to the group queue. 2011-02-14 [54]

Hide Ratings

Unlimited hide ratings didn't work before, 2011-08-24 [55]

Would prefer to see less use of hide rating in favor of attempts to have a discussion and try to educate. 2011-08-24 [56]

One "stray" HR shouldn't affect you, but you will get hit with a penalty if you receive several. 2011-04-29 [57]

The ability to recycle HRs was taken away because an audit showed that "the VAST majority were used for nefarious purposes". 2011-04-27 [58]

"Bit I was JUSTIFIED!" isn't a good excuse for engaging in retaliatory ratings. 2011-04-21 [59]

Piling on HRs won't get someone banned any faster. 2011-04-21 [60]

"if you're constantly getting hide rated (even if you're being uprated as well), then you're being a dick and engaging in flames." 2011-04-21 [61]

Mobile version

"there's a barebones site at Mobile dev is expensive." 2011-09-06 [62]


Mojo is how the site assesses the reputation of users. There are different ways to gain mojo, but the exact formula will remain proprietary to discourage gaming of the system. 2010-12-15 [63]

You can only get enough mojo to get three bars if all you do is write comments. 2011-04-29 [64]

"there's a tiny BOOST for following people who are new to the site and have lower mojo. The idea, you get a bit more juice for giving a boost to the lesser known -- kind of like I respect someone who follows the Kansas City Royals more than I respect a Yankee fan." 2011-04-27 [65]

"If a user has a history of being hide rated (across multiple threads and time), it doesn't matter how much uprating happens, that user will be penalized much harsher." 2011-04-21 [66]

"Mojo is community moderation, not mine or MB's or other admin. That's the whole point." 2011-04-21 [67]

"....the scripts are agnostic. They don't give a shit who is right and who is wrong. You want to engage in flame wars and retaliatory ratings wars, you risk losing mojo, losing ratings ability, and even getting banned." 2011-04-21 [68]


"We're going to allow diaries to be recommended pretty much forever. After 48 hours, recommends won't count for the recommended list, but they'll still count for the "most recommended" lists in the Diaries and Tags sections." 2011-02-15 [69]


You don't need permission to republish a diary to a group. 2011-09-06 [70]

If you don't want to be republished, then don't post on Daily Kos. 2011-09-06 [71]

"Part of the price you pay for publishing at this site is the ability for people to republish it internally." 2011-09-06 [72]

Kos has gone back and forth on the issue of people creating taunting group names for the purpose of tagging diaries they disagree with and wants to see it play out more. 2011-09-14 [73]

Tip Jars

The tip jar is "a way to give props to a writer without recommending a diary". It also prevents spammers/trolls from avoiding auto-ban, which is triggered by HRing comments. 2011-08-30 [74]

Site Future Plans


"We're also working on a formula that will sniff out flame wars automatically and give time outs to people engaged in ratings wars. Upon first transgression, they'll have their rating ability pulled for a week, then two weeks, and upon a third strike -- all-time ban on rating." 2011-04-21 [75]

Looking at options to deal with those who uprate hide-worthy comments. 2011-04-21 [76]


"TU can then be replaced with a system of badges to give people credit for the specific actions they excel at, whether it's commenting, or being good community members, or posting diaries/stories/essays/etc, or whatever." 2011-09-09 [77]

The idea of badges is inspired by the gaming world. 2011-09-09 [78]

Community moderation

"Project CSMAS -- the community self-moderation adjudication system which we now pronounce "Christmas" (thanks Bob Johnson!)" 2011-09-07 [79]

"The long term plan is to surrender these moderation duties over to you, as a community, in a way that doesn't allow any clique to dominate. We're making progress toward that, but the final solution is still months away." 2011-09-06 [80]

Community moderation will involve some sort of cost to make people think twice about HRing. 2011-08-30 [81]

"The whole HR process will dramatically change." 2011-08-30 [82]

Trying to prevent organized cliques from gaming the system. 2011-08-24 [83]

"The "hide" rating is not long for this world. It'll be replaced with a process that allows individuals to flag potential problems. The broader community would then adjudicate the comment. The end result would be real punishment: if the community ruled against the commenter, then that commenter would receive a time out (exponentially increasing in length each time a new comment was hidden). If the community ruled FOR the commenter, the people flagging the comment would suffer their own time outs. This is still a very early concept. At some point in the next month I'll have wire frames and a more fully developed plan, and I'll bring them to the community so we can all discuss the full concept and have you guys offer your feedback. I just wanted to make sure you all knew that we are working hard to come up with a way to better moderate the community." 2011-08-23 [84]

"there are a lot of things that I trust the community to do well. Most things, in fact. But adjudication of conflicts is not one of them." 2011-04-19 [85]

I don't trust the community as a "filter", given that one person's troll is another's uprated hero. It is impossible to strip out that element of subjectivism from any community-led adjudication process, even if that power to adjudicate extends only to provide recommendations. It's a vexing problem, no doubt. But one that has no easy or obvious solution, and one that clearly isn't manageable merely by crowdsourcing solutions (the current rec/hide system). 2011-04-20 [86]

"We will institute a time-out system as part of the new community moderation system." 2011-09-08 [87]

"But yeah, the new moderation system will have a time-out system built in, and it'll be obvious which is a timeout, and which is permanent (at least until I or whoever is admin'ing decides otherwise)." 2011-09-09 [88]

The new system will refer problem comments to a site-wide adjudication process that will culminate with a vote. Yes, we are considering the possibility that cliques will try to game this, and are accounting for that as we sketch that out. If someone thinks a comment actually should be hidden (instead of simply eliciting disagreement), she can hit "flag" (or whatever we end up calling it). Unlike the current system which requires a load of hides to impact a user's mojo, and even more hides if the comment is uprated, this system would merely require a few flags to kick it into the adjudication system. The flagger will also be required to state why she thinks the comment should be removed -- a sort of opening statement in what will essentially be a trial. Now here's the thing -- if a comment gets flagged for adjudication, someone will get punished. If the community decides the comment was hide-worthy, then the commenter will lose privileges for X amount of time, where X increases exponentially for each violation. If the community decides the comment wasn't hide worthy, then those flagging the comment will lose privileges. Each case, kicked into adjudication, will allow for debate via comment thread, so people can render their opinions on the matter before casting their vote. 2011-09-09 [89]

"Once a comment has been moved over to the adjudication chamber, people are SUPPOSED to debate whether the flag was justified. So this has the effect of taking those meta discussions out of a diary, where they are disruptive, and somewhere where they are actually DESIRABLE." 2011-09-09 [90]

A flagged comment will be removed from a diary "until they are adjudicated. We're not sure what the window will be, but probably somewhere between 1-3 hours, with a kicker if the initial vote is overwhelming in any one direction. If a comment is deemed acceptable, it'll return to the thread. And sure, the conversation will likely long have passed, but given the dangers of flagging (losing participation ability), the hope is that people learn to flag only the truly objectionable." 2011-09-09 [91]

the adjudication chamber will be open to all. There will be some form of notice in the Welcome Back box letting people know that there are X number of comments in adjudication, and inviting them to go and vote. The best weapon against cliques will be numbers. If 1,000 people vote on a comment the way 10,000 people vote on a front-page poll, then a clique of 25 will have little leverage. The second best weapon will be my own appelate review. If I see a group of people consistently skewing results, I can hit them with the same punishment as incorrectly flagging. 2011-09-09 [92]

"The only reason we're even going in this direction is because of the wild popularity of the hidden comments page. Some people really love that stuff, and we're going to make it even cooler for them." 2011-09-09 [93]

Current though is 3-5 flags is enough to trigger adjudication. 2011-09-09 [94]

"The Adjudication Chamber will be a separate section of the site." 2011-09-09 [95]

Hasn't figured out filter for ability to flag, could be time on site or badges earned, but "something that works in the background, as opposed to something people actively work to influence". 2011-09-09 [96] [97]

"The current sketch has a metaphorical thumbs up and a thumbs down, but neither has an effect on mojo, because mojo is gone. So people can still express that quiet "attaboy", or a "boo hiss!", without it being a tool to silence critics or opponents. We definitely understand the need for people to offer some sort of reaction without actually having to type stuff out." 2011-09-09 [98]

Names that flag a comment and their arguments about why the comment should be hidden will be visible. 2011-09-09 [99]

People being flagged will have the chance to offer a rebuttal. 2011-09-09 [100]

If cliques "figure out a way to game the system, they have to do it with big numbers, and that'll just expose them to me. The second I see that kind of behavior, a lot of people will get zapped." 2011-09-09 [101]

"And the overall CSMAS, believe it or not, is LESS complex than the current mess that is mojo. There's a reason we're having a hard time making it work -- it's fucking complicated. So yeah, while it may add complexity on the front end, it reduces it in the back end, and the end result, hopefully, is a system that WORKS." 2011-09-09 [102]

"the punishment would increase exponentially. So the first time, it might be loss of posting privileges for, say, 2 hours. So a mild slap on the wrist. Then that number would go up exponentially with subsequent hides. Again, details are still sketchy. But that's the general idea. We also don't want people to suffer bigger punishment if they get hit twice ... but with a year in between. Everyone has bad days. So we're thinking through things like that." 2011-09-09 [103]

"it would certainly make my job easier, able to dismiss complaints about a diary clearly marked as a free-for-all. And I do like the idea of making it even easier for a diarist to designate the civility level of his/her diary. I'm going to write that into the spec for the next upgrade of the publishing system." 2011-09-19 [104]

Copyright licensing wizard

"Eventually, we'll have a wizard for people to create their own Creative Common licenses for their material, much like Flickr allows." 2011-09-06 [105]


DK5 will have full customization of tools, widgets, and boxes to display, but it definitely won't happen before 2012. 2011-02-23 [106]

"Eventually, long-term, I want the front page totally customizable, like MyYahoo, with people moving stuff around however they see fit." 2011-02-19 [107]

Design Philosophy

"One final note, as I come to you guys for ideas -- if your suggestion is "add a button that does X", your idea will almost immediately be rejected. My goal in refining site functionality will always be to remove buttons. Every single button you add increases complexity and makes the site harder to use, so I'll always do my best to channel my inner Steve Jobs." 2011-08-30 [108]

"A site like this is pretty unique. There are no other models exist for me to guide my actions. So everything I do is an experiment, and yes, those experiments include me and all of my employees." 2011-04-20 [109]

"I'm inherently a lazy guy (no matter how much I actually work, and it's alot), and I don't feel like carrying the entire load of this site and the broader movement. I also trust you guys to be leaders in your own right. So I created DK4 SPECIFICALLY to empower you all, because the more power you guys wield, the more I can slack off and do fun stuff and hang out with the kids and whatnot." 2011-02-22 [110]

"But seriously, there wouldn't be new buttons, or at most one more. The new adjudication system would be separate from the main site UI. I don't mind adding new sections, if the standard UI remains cleaner" 2011-09-09 [111]

"We're scrapping Perl but one section of the site at the time. So for the next year, we'll actually have a frankenstein system as we slowly replace Perl code." 2011-09-09 [112]

"people like the feeling of having "made it" on the site. We need to be able to keep that somehow." 2011-09-09 [113]

In the office we have a board full of index cards, each representing a project. We move them up and down on the board depending on changing priorities. We remove the cards we finish, and add new ones all the time. Right now, the board has about three-dozen projects, with no hope we can get through them even through 2012. 2011-09-19 [114]

Early on dkos history I tried to use volunteers (when I myself was a volunteer). It didn't work. When people are doing stuff for you for free, you become their lowest priority. But that's all academic at this point. I feel people should be compensated for their work. I've laid out a dev plan. If people don't mind waiting longer for features they want, then that's fine. We stick with the existing team. If they are impatient and willing to help fund a larger dev team, then awesome. We make that happen. 2011-09-19 [115]

Diary Boxes

"you'll be able to collapse the diary boxes on the right-hand corner on the front page, and have your browser remember your decision during future visits. So if you only care about recent diaries, you'll be able to collapse both the Community Spotlight and Recommended lists, and have far less scrolling to get to what you really want. In the future, we'll even allow re-ordering of content on the front page, but that won't happen until we transition full away from Perl to Rails, which should be a year-long process." 2011-09-09 [116]


The site FAQ is no longer linked on the frontpage because "it's currently a mess, obsolete in lots of places, and needs to be redone." 2011-09-06 [117]

"FAQ is a community project. Daily Kos admins don't maintain it. And it's a wiki, so anyone can update it. So have at it! :)" 2011-04-21 [118]

Front Page

"the current front page is an interim iteration -- that is, it's bridging the previous version (which had several problems) with a broader re-architecting of the site's structure moving forward. So for now, we just stripped things down, and will be rebuilding everything back up over the coming year." 2011-08-2011 [119]

Ignore button

Previously rejected, but now under serious consideration. Also considering having moderators be able to impose an ignore. 2011-08-30 [120]

Photo Management Project

"Our writers and editors have been clamoring for more sophisticated photo tools for years now, we'll also be able to extend those tools to you guys. Subscribers will be able to upload and host their pictures on Daily Kos, as well as have access to the photos we use on the front page." 2011-09-06 [121]

Mid-October to mid-November: Image uploader and organizer. This won't just allow editors to better upload and manage our photo library, but we'll open it up to subscribers as well. That means that community members will be able to upload their own images, and also access and use the images that the editorial team is buying from Reuters and other pay services. This will be the second major benefit given to subscribers, in addition to being able to turn off ads. We will be continuously looking for ways to provide added services to subscribers, without taking a single feature away from non-subscribers. 2011-09-19 [122]

we'll have monthly and yearly subscriptions, and prices may or may not go up. We haven't figured that part out yet. 2011-09-19 [123]

The photo collective will hopefully move on over. It'll make it that much easier to use their photos. Should be pretty awesome. Now I say "hopefully" because I don't run that outfit. Ultimately, it's their call. 2011-09-19 [124]


"the technical framework that will eventually power this entire site." 2011-09-19 [125]

Payment system

This has been on my wishlist for YEARS. The technology just hasn't been there without building it from scratch. Several companies promising to make this happen have come and gone without success. I was recently pitched a new company promising to do this, but they are in Europe and too new for me to entrust with people's money.

I would love to do this, but I just haven't seen a viable system to make it happen without building it from scratch. And while the "building it from scratch" might happen at some point, it'll be a long time unless I can dramatically grow the size of the dev team, and I just can't afford to do that right now without a dramatic increase in revenues.

I recently floated the idea of a community fundraiser to hire more developers, and it kind of fell flat. I wasn't surprised -- this is too abstract a concept to motivate people to give ("give us money, and random shit will happen a little bit sooner!").

So bottom line, I'd love it to happen, but given current development resources and a lack of off-the-shelf options, it'll probably be a long time. Hopefully something happens to change that equation sometime over the next year and something like this can happen sooner rather than later. 2011-10-03 [126]

Speaker Boehner

"ETA for a fix ... November 2012." 2011-02-16 [127]

Staff Moderation

"Staff moderation crushed MB's (Meteor Blades') spirit. I don't wish that kind of baby sitting on anyone." 2011-08-30 [128]

"As far as I'm concerned, the MB moderation experiment failed. I've been closely watching recent problems and considering options." 2011-04-19 [129]

"I'm not saying MB failed. I'm saying the concept of admin moderation failed. Sheesh." 2011-04-20 [130]

"Site engagement metrics actually got WORSE with official moderation. I see no hard evidence it worked. Now I get to see if letting the community moderate itself makes a difference, one way or another." 2011-03-12 [131]


Lifetime subscriptions will eventually no longer be offered, but existing lifetime subscriptions will still continue. 2011-09-06 [132] [133]

We're building a new donation/subscription engine inhouse, rather than depend on PayPal to manage it all (though PayPal will still be an option). While the benefits of this won't be immediately obvious, it will support several other projects down the road. 2011-09-19 [134]

Lifetime subscriptions will be eliminated by the end of 2011, but everyone who has one will get to keep theirs. 2011-09-19 [135]

Tip Jars

"The tip jars themselves are in for a rethinking. They are currently a community-created hack, a workaround for a system that 1) didn't allow people to give a diarist a quick kudos for writing something without recommending it, and 2) allowed hit-and-run trolls to avoid getting zapped by not commenting. The tip jar really doesn't belong in the comments. So we're brainstorming alternatives." 2011-09-09 [136]


"When you run a community-driven site, you don't generally get to pick and choose everything that will show up on your pages." 2011-04-19 [137]

So in 2016, we'll have multiple presidential options in the Democratic primary. Groups will inevitably arise around all the candidates. Many of them will even be started and run by the campaigns themselves. Will it be acceptable to go in and bitch about how shitty candidate X is in a group full of its supporters? Maybe, maybe not. We'll see how community norms shake out. But I'd rather see those battles hashed out in open territory, like open threads, the front page, groups dedicated to broader discussion, etc. Trust me, we won't lack places to argue the issues and candidates. So if people want to carve out safe zones, I'd wish that people would respect that not because it's a rule, but because it would be the civil thing to do. 2011-02-19

"It's difficult to get much done when the tech team is one poor overworked sap.

We're now at four, and I hope to beef that up by the end of the year. Having a full technology department is amazing. And you guys will definitely see the pace of innovation increase." 2011-09-09 [138]

If you believe the "3% of Daily Kos is black" figure, that's still 54,000 African American monthly visitors -- a large number by any measure. And per Quantcast, that number hasn't changed all week. And I say, "if you believe", because who knows how Quantcast gets those numbers. According to them, the Grio, an online magazine that focuses exclusively on African-Americans, has just 20% African American visitors. So either Quantcast is undercounting African Americans (wouldn't be the first outfit to do that), or African Americans are all hanging out somewhere else. 2011-09-19 [139]
But those numbers are derived from Quantcast user panels. I'll say right now that they differ markedly from Nielsen numbers (not on race, but on gender and age balance). I'm not saying I trust Nielsen more, because all those numbers feel like bullshit to me. And yeah, I have no idea on the gender balance of participants. In a future version of the site I want to ask more demographic questions and then run reports based on them. (Of course, the paranoid will claim I want that data for marketing purposes, even if ad networks have already decided who you are without my help.) 2011-09-19 [140]
here are thousands of voices on this site. People come and go, and have always come and gone. Many of them were valued, but new valued voices are always on the rise. That turnover, as distressing as it may be to some, as sad as it may be at times, is also one of the things that give this place its dynamic flavor. 2011-09-19 [141]

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