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John Howard

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John Howard is the leader pf the Australian Liberal Party and current Prime Minister of Australia. Howard became Prime Minister after a landslide election victory on March 2, 1996, led his second government after a smaller election victoory in October 3, 1998, and his third government after a stronger election showing on November 10, 2001. That election was fought primarily on immigration and refugee issues, but was also influenced by the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.


Oil for Food Scandal

Spokesman for the "center-left" Australian Labour Party on foreign affairs, Kevin Rudd disclosed that John Howard's government had signed contracts in 2002 and 2003 for the sale of Australian wheat with Sadda Hussein's Iraqi Grains Board under the United Nations' Oil for Food program that included sharply higher shipping costs. The inflated price went to a Jordanian trucking company that pais much of the differnece to Saddam Hussein's governemnt in kickbacks. "Is it not a fact that the only thing that did change was the massive increase in the contract price for Australian wheat, thereby increasing the kickbacks for Saddam Hussein to buy guns, bombs and bullets for later use against Australian troops," Mr Rudd demanded. Source: John Kerin. "Government 'Should Have Known' Says Rudd." The Australian. December 9, 2005.

Motion of censure

A motion of censure was proposed against John Howard for his support of the Iraq war on the 16th of octber. The motion of censure failed 58-80 along party lines.



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