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Jarallah al Marri

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Jarallah al Marri

In his summarized detainee statement the tribunal president asked if Jarallah had any questions about the process. He answered yes. He then said he would proceed to speak in arabic because his english was not good. He asked if the tribunal followed the laws of the US. He was told yes. He then said he did not understand of know about the laws and he would require an attorney, and would have nothing to say.

The personal representative offered that he had met with Jarallah for an interview, and took some notes. At that time, Jarallah was going to speak on his own behalf. Now, the representative asked the tribunal what Jarallah's wishes were in regard to the notes. Should he read them? When asked Jarallah replied 'no comment', as he had replied to everything asked him after he requested a lawyer. Then, the representative says 'I would be asking for some guidance on this. He said he does not want me to say them, but I am not sure what I should do, because I have them written here.' Tribunal president replies 'its up to you'. [Note: As noted in the transcript above, the detainee did not say 'don't present my statements'. He only said, "No comment".

Jarallah is a Qatar citizen who traveled to Afghanistan through Pakistan to participate in the Jihad. He met people in Mecca who brought him to Afghanistan. He fled the camp owned by Usama bin Laden after 9/11 because the American's were going to bomb the camp. When he was arrested at the Pakistan border by the Pakistani polices, he was alone. From Kandahar to Pakistan, he took a taxi, which he paid for. He had all his paperwork and passports.

The tribunal finds the classified evidence overwhelming that the detainee is an enemy combatant...

by colleen on Booman Tribune on Juno 5th, 2005

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