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Jamal Muhammad Alawi Mar i

From dKosopedia

Reproduced from Booman Tribune

Detainee: Jamal Muhammad Alawi Mar'I, 34

Birth Place: Khochna Village, Yemen

Status:- Captured on September 23, 2001-

Was detained in Pakistan, extradited to Jordan, and then sent to Guantanamo- Meets criteria for designation as enemy combatant-

Decision was unanimously made by combatant status review tribunal- Tribunal was composed of:* 1 Colonel, US Army* 1 Commander, US Navy* 1 Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine-

Jamal has not been heard from by his family members since November, 2003Case against Jamal:-

Detainee admitted to traveling to Kandahar, Afghanistan in May 2001 to work in the Al-Wafa organization as director of Karachi, Pakistan branch.-

Worked for Al Haramayn, Jamal states that his duties were strictly humanitarian- Members of Al-Wafa are not allowed in US, On 5/21/04 Al-Wafa was added to Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL) created under the Patriot Act.-

Information relating to weapons, tactics and explosives (IRWTE) was found at the time of his capture.-

The IRWTE was retracted from the released record by the FBI for reasons of national security.

Jamal's statement at tribunal hearing:

Denied working for Al-Wafa or being involved with Al Qaeda or the Taliban.- Indicated he was responsible for finding medical supplies in Pakistan and arranging for their distribution through Al-Wafa Humanitarian Organization.- Indicated that he has not been paid by Al-Wafa, but was paid by Al Haramayn.- His duties were limited to buying medicine from Hospitals.- Indicated that he was not the director of Al-Wafa branch, the director had made him a representative until the director's return.- Indicated Al Haramayn is a government agency, He asked "How can it be classified as an NGO if the person in charged is the Minister of the Muslim Association?"- Indicated that his reason for traveling to Afghanistan was to find work, and to bring his family to Afghanistan.- Stated that there is no office for Al-Wafa in Pakistan, and the people who were there before his visit were doing the same duties during his visit as they had been doing all along, so how could he be the director?- Stated that he has never heard of Al-Wafa as being connected with Al-Qaeda.- Indicated that he was captured in a raid on his home. - States that he had $13,000 in his possession to bring his family to Pakistan, and that the IRTWE were manufactured by the Pakistanis so that they could gain control of his assets.

Documents Retracted From Record:- Classified Summary of Basis for Tribunal Decision- Copies of Documentary Evidence Presented (IRWTE included)Jamal's

Brother's Affidavit:- Jamal has no idea why he is being detained.- Jamal called once or twice per month from Guantanamo until November, 2003.- Jamal was known and respected in his community.- Jamal was trying to set up a medical distribution organization, so he traveled to Afghanistan to find out how Al-Wafa handles their distribution operation.

Findings:- The record clearly states that individuals providing support to or associated with TELs may be found inadmissible to US or if already in the US, under certain circumstances may be deported.- Being involved with LETs is not grounds for indefinite detainment, only deportation from US.-

It is stated in the record that "The FBI certified that the redacted information would not support a determination that the detainee is not an enemy combatant." However, just because it doesn't support a determination that the detainee is not an enemy combatant does not mean that the information supports the determination that he is an enemy combatant. This statement, couple with the document's retraction, this document being the only hard piece of evidence against Jamal, raises a lot of questions regarding the legitimacy of his detention. -

Without having critical pieces of information present, it is hard to come to an informed conclusion regarding the guilt or innocence of Jamal.

Original Summary by chinkopelinke on Booman Tribune on June 16th, 2005

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