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Iraqi Police

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The Urban Legend

Tale: Did you know that the Iraqi Police Service has over 55,000 fully trained and equipped police officers? or it's variations:

Status: False - Although the Bush administration has TRIED to train 60,000 Iraqis, they are not fully equipped and their training is a sham. And a large number of the 60,000 have already deserted or were killed by the resistence

One line rebuttal: The government's own site about 2005 Iraq needs say there is a "security vacuum" in terms of equipment in Iraq

Source: As Snopes has pointed out yhe 2 most popular versions of the mailings start with Since President Bush declared an end to major combat on May 1... and Did you know this ? and were probably inspired by a Coalition Provisional Authority briefing given by L. Paul Bremer.. on 9 October 2003. Some of the accomplishments cited in this piece were echoed in an 8 December 2003 Forbes magazine article by Caspar W. Weinberger..

Snopes: This particular e-mail entitled Did You Know This? managed to appear in Snopes Urban Legends pages who says These types of items are generally impossible to categorize with a single truth value because they typically contain a mixture of fact, opinion, subjective statements, inaccuracies, and literally true but often misleading claims.

Investigation: Snopes does have a point. It is impossible to put the entire laundry list of "accomplishments" into just one category. In the specific claim that the Iraq police is "fully equipped" we can easily see it is pure bunk.

Fully Equipped when ?

One wonders, if the Iraq police was "fully equipped" when the chain mails started circulating in 2004, why on earth NATO members had to donate thousands of weapons and armor to Iraq's police force on January 2005

Rebuild Iraq 2005: Police in a "security vacuum"

The 2nd International Trade Exhibition for the Rebuilding of Iraq scheduled for 4 - 7 April 2005 in Amman - Jordan has the following blurb about Iraq Police needs: In what is essentially a security vacuum, there exists opportunities for suppliers of the key elements of any security and emergency service infrastructure. These include ambulances and emergency equipment, fire trucks, and fire fighting equipment, police motorcycles, CCTV, intruder control systems and burglar alarms, specialized fencing, perimeter protection, surveillance and telecom equipment, computer security, ID card and fingerprinting processing, as well as uniforms and protective clothing

Iraq Police: poor training and equippment makes it a target for terror

On CBS' article Blast Targets Iraq Police Academy we learn that: The number of Iraqi policemen killed in the last four months of 2004 was 1,300 before the latest blast, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry figures released Wednesday.. the Iraqi police and security troops represent a soft target for the insurgents because of their poor training and equipment compared to the U.S.-led coalition forces. The militants consider Iraqi soldiers as collaborators with the American occupiers

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