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Iraq War laundry list of reasons

From dKosopedia

The Bush administration's rationales for the war on Iraq were originally identified by University of Illinois thesis, Uncovering the Rationales for the War on Iraq: The Words of the Bush Administration, Congress, and the Media from September 12, 2001 to October 11, 2002

Later on an hilarious Yahoo article: Breaking News! Condi Announces 24th Iraq Rationale we see the sad but true fact that Bush's lies have changed 24 times so far...

Note that not ONE of the official reasons mentions the very REAL incentives of Oil and war profiteering.

Update [2004-10-18 14:26:47 by lawnorder]: #25 - Oil for Food : Cheney's lamest excuse yet: Abuses in the Oil for food program. Doesn't he know that Oil for Food scandal has Texas - And Halliburton - all over ?

2005 - Reason #26 - To allow Iraqs to decide between vote or starve... Food rations to Iraqis were said to be witheld if the recipient couldn't prove he/ she voted.


  1. War On Terror
  2. WMD
  3. Denied Access to Inspectors
  4. Regime Change
  5. Saddam Hussein is Evil
  6. Curry Favor with the Middle East
  7. Set an Example for Nations that Sponsor Terrorism
  8. Liberate Iraqis
  9. Iraq's Broken Promises
 10. Revenge
 11. Threat To the Region     
 12. Because We Can
 13. Unfinished Business
 14. For the Sake of History
 15. Disarmament
 16. Commitment to Our Children
 17. Imminent Threat
 18. Preserve Peace
 19. Threat To Freedom
 20. Link to al Qaeda
 21. Iraq is Unique
 22. Relevance of the United Nations
 23. International Law
 24. TODAY'S LATEST - "SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD AN INSATIABLE APPETITE FOR WMD" (Condi Rice, Fox News Sunday, October 10, 2004) 

lawnorder's diary

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