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Pronounced like "Indie TV". This is the "Al Gore network" you may have heard about. It's reportedly not going to be a traditional news network, but rather a creative outlet by and for America's youth. The company is seeking about 50 "digital correspondents" and recently received more than 2,000 applicants.

From its web site:

INdTV is an independent media company led by former Vice President Al Gore, entrepreneur Joel Hyatt, and a growing team of industry professionals and young creatives. In May 2004, INdTV acquired a cable network that reaches nearly 20 million homes. In 2005 the company will debut new programming featuring shows shaped by a generation of media creators. INdTV is located in San Francisco.


Other names associated with project: Steve Jobs

...Finally, TV programming might get the kick of quality it deserves when Al Gore's INdTV gets underway later this year. With a galaxy of interesting names attached to his project, including Apple's Steve Jobs, to create a revolutionary news and information channel for the 18-34 demographic in America, it's going to make for interesting viewing...

...Having already lined up an interesting cast of talent to get the network on the air, the association with Jobs suggests that ANN the Apple News Network might actually become a reality.

Building on the concept of having citizen-style reporters tell the stories, as pioneered by OhmyNews in Korea, Gore's new channel could mark a revolution in broadcast news... Tyler Brule/Financial Times

INdTV Pilot Project

Soon, your voice will transform television.

Check the channels. There's plenty to watch, but viewers in their twenties and thirties don't have much of a chance to help shape what actually makes it on TV.

That's about to change.

We are INdTV, an independent cable TV network that is being created for and by you. Starting this summer, we want to share your voice and your vision with our audience of over 18 million households, and growing.

Anybody can do this: All you need is a video camera and an idea. ... So jump in and help us create pilot programming for our network.

$15,000 to the most compelling video we receive by March 1.

Oh, and we'll pay $250 for every video we put on TV. This site will help get you started. Questions? Try Otherwise: Pick up a camera. Tell a story. Share your voice.

Reported show ideas

"Citizen Reporter: Pick a news story and tell it the way it should be told. No teleprompter, no static standups, no local-news hair. Honesty and humor will go a long way. This is our chance to unwind the spin.

"Citizen Reviewer: No junkets. No premieres, no parties, no perks. Pick a movie, a CD, a video game, or another product that you're passionate about and show us why. Go ahead and weave in scenes and snippets from the media in question. And if it sucks -- tell us.

"State of the Union: Give us your wisest, most irreverent State of the Union address. We're talking improvised podium, pomp, politics, personality, and of course, most importantly: sound bites.

"That's F*&^#ed Up: Is there something unfathomable going on around the corner or down the street? Some state of affairs that just doesn't make sense? You can rant all you want -- it just better be good TV.

"INdTV Paparazzi: Get someone famous to opine on something substantive. ("Hey, Paris -- what did you think of Rumsfeld's quote on the armored Humvee shortage in Iraq?") Or ask a serious figure about something not-so-substantive. Note: Don't be a stalker.

"All Nighter: What goes on in your town between 2 and 5 a.m.? We're looking for truly unique stuff, anywhere from the local late-night diner to the woods down by the creek.

"Addicted: What's your addiction? Food? A fetish? A relationship? Do you lead a double life? This is first-person: time to confess.

"INdTV Is the New Black: Are you a trendspotter? A cool-hunter? Take off your trucker cap (or put it back on) and show us the next big thing in clothes, culture, style, or slang.

"Inspired: We said we're going to be transformative. Show us the way. Show us the story of someone (maybe yourself) who is inspiring and heroic. Overcoming tragedy, learning lessons, achieving greatness -- all good by us.

"Wild Card: If you've got some brilliant video, either something that's already in the can or something you'd love to try, then by all means go for it. But remember: It's got to be really, really, really ridiculously good."



"This is not going to be a liberal network or a Democratic network or a political network in any way, shape, or form," -Al Gore

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