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Hurricane Katrina issue

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Please list all Hurricane Katrina issues here in issue/position/argument form. This complements Hurricane Katrina commentary, timeline, refugee and other debates.



climate change?

The position:climate change caused Hurricane Katrina (also a climate issue) is popular among critics of the Bush Administration that have ignored climate change and denied it is human-caused, on alternate days, and who famously refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol to help prevent it. The arguments for this position include:

While arguments against include:

What is undisputed remains:

Gulf flood control

The US Army Corps of Engineers was responsible to deal with flood control throughout the 20th century and to the present day. There has been an uninterrupted responsibility.

NOLA unready?

The position:New Orleans was unprepared for Hurricane Katrina is among the most often advanced positions, and is acknowledged by both supporters and the detractors of George W. Bush. Supporters often claim "we didn't know it would be so bad" and excuse lack of preparedness. Detractors claim that the situation was well known.


The US FEMA was responsible to deal with general emergency preparedness in 2000. In 2001 it was reorganized into the Homeland Security department, demoted from a full cabinet post, and its funding made dependent on tradeoffs to fight terrorism.

FEMA unready?

The position:FEMA was unprepared for Hurricane Katrina is often advanced by critics. See the Katrina Mistake list for articles which detail FEMA's Lack of preparation and disorganized response.

response and refugees

refugees neglected?

The position:New Orleans Superdome refugees were neglected was advanced by many actual refugees and all domestic and foreign press who visited them - in particular the fact that bodies were not evacuated.

What is undisputed is that people in the Superdome not were provided security, provisions, evacuation after hurricane, and were essentially left on their own. Nobody came. The question is why, and whether their not coming was due to neglect or a totally unanticipated problem that somehow made them inaccessible.

Some arguments for the position that the refugees were in fact neglected:

Some arguments against "neglect" explain it as a simple problem of scale and higher priority problems: people in much worse need elsewhere in the city

Some arguments that the local officials had already received substantial help, and therefore could and did rely on state, federal and military officials:

NOLA insecure?

The position:NOLA not secured quickly enough after Hurricane Katrina is of concern to those who fear that the city may be undergoing an extended period of lawlessness and looting, and that its economy may not recover. Whether this is likely to lead to additional business failures or loss of economic opportunity a decade hence is an open question, that is, what is quickly "enough".

The arguments for this position include:

The arguments against this position

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